4 Corners

Drequan is a glaringly remarkable man.

He goes about his days with a humble presence of kindness and quiet strength.

I have loved sitting with him and listening to his ideas and thoughts.

I know an entrepreneur when I see one. 

In just a short 19 years of life, he has made strides many of his peers never even knew they could make.  In a lot of ways I envy his way of working and striving.

His character is one that a few of us millineals could stand to draw from.

His life didn’t run as smooth as other 19 year olds.

It hasn’t been an easy ride for him, making his strength and his kindness a different kind of powerful.

Drequan grew up in Washington Park, the neighborhood where I work for a non-profit urban ministry called Common Ground Montgomery. He spent a lot of years in our after school program and participated in summer camps that CGM put on.  In his time of involvement in with CGM, he witnessed friends die in shootings, lost one to overdose, and another sentenced to 140 years in prison for murder.

In an interview with CGM, Drequan described a time when he felt like he was getting off track, like falling behind and not graduating with his peers, but he didn’t quit.  He told them, “I saw myself going the way that many of my friends and brothers went but y’all stayed with me.  I knew that wasn’t what God wanted for me.  I saw how much faith everyone at CGM has in me.  They never gave up.”

Drequan finished high school by going to night class and got himself a job at Jimmy Johns.

but that’s not all.

He spent many hours with Kevin King, his mentor and one of the directors at CGM, learning how to use creativity in business.

What I love so much about that time that was spent teaching him about business and creativity is that it clicked. 

Drequan ran with it and started looking for ways to take what he had learned and go from there.

He began asking the directors at House to House Ministries  if he could take windows out of the old homes after demolition.

Seems so simple.


Drequan took creative freedom with those windows and began turning them into works of art.

And so began 4 Corners.

He takes old, dilapidated windows from homes in Washington Park that are being demolished, drastically refurbishes them, and sells those windows as picture frames.

He says, “They show transformation.  A little piece of history from Washington Park.  When something is transformed, it’s like God does when He takes people’s broken lives and makes them into something beautiful.  Anybody can be saved.  The love He shows for us is crazy.”

Um, Yes please.

I know ALLLL my southern ladies out there loveeeee a good distressed window frame.

I have one… and I know you do too, don’t be shy. 

But what if you had one with THAT story??

The story of transformation, the idea behind it based around the gospel and the transformation the Lord gives our lives.

What if you had a frame that came from a man of God who is constantly growing and giving more of himself to the community where he lives?

Along with working at Jimmy Johns, he runs his own business, and  interns at CGM mentoring guys younger than him sharing the gospel and creating a safe space for the kids in the program to grow close to the Lord.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Dre is ALWAYS looking for more opportunity to make money, grow his business, and share the Gospel.

Just the other day he helped me with cooking class at Common Ground, constantly asking how he could help and acting as a HUGE source of encouragement to the middle school kids.

After a staff meeting, he was asking about opportunities to refinish floors in houses and figuring out ways to gain opportunity.

His. Heart. 

Those. Frames. (heart eyes)

His. Work. Ethic. 

His. Kindness.

His. Strength.

This guy… you have got to meet him and shake his hard working hands.

Honored doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about knowing him just a short few months and witnessing his life unfold in this way.


We were created by the Creator to create.

Let’s buy some frames and empower the creativity bursting out of this hard-working man.

Thank you Drequan, for loving people with strength and instilling dignity into every soul you meet.

You indeed are remarkable.

How Coffee Loves You

For all my coffee drinkers and even the non coffee drinkers, this one is for you.

I know a lot of you may not drink coffee.

How you survive and enjoy life is beyond me, but I have grace for you… bless you.

For those of you who do drink coffee, well, I know you are a happier person filled with good caffeinated energy and smiles.

But I can share these thoughts with all of you, the coffee drinkers and non drinkers alike, because coffee loves both of you.

I know, you probably don’t even realize what it does for you, how it reaches your life if you don’t drink it, but I assure you it does.

Coffee wakes us coffee drinkers up in the morning.

coffee loves us with it’s aroma of heavenly goodness and its lovely source of high caffeine giving energy for the day’s tasks.

Coffee loves us by suppressing our appetites when we really don’t need a third plate of fried chicken for lunch, kindly giving us a nice treat and keeping us from going up three pant sizes.

Coffee loves us by giving us a little something to look forward to when that 3 o’clock slump swoops in like a title-wave telling us it’s time to give up on work and take a nap… but coffee loves us and keeps us human until we go home.

Coffee loves us when we are studying for college exams that we should have prepared for weeks in advance, but coffee loves us anyways and knew already that we would procrastinate and need a little boost to stay up with the books.

Coffee loves us by creating the perfect way to hang out with a friend.  It is kind, cheap, and an easy way to hang out with the people we love without breaking the bank.

Im sure if you are a non-coffee drinker, you are wondering how coffee loves you.

Coffee loves you by giving your co worker a nice way to wake up before Monday morning work chaos, bringing them to your office with kindness and a little extra pep in their step.

Coffee loves you by keeping those same co workers sane during the work day, making them the hardest workers and most reliable colleagues.

Coffee loves you by giving you coffee shops to meet with your friends that carry teas, waters, cokes, and ice creams. Many other cheap items that you can enjoy with your friends while they enjoy what’s better… coffee.

Coffee loves you by letting you smell it, because we all know you’re probably one of those souls that loves how it smells but not how it tastes. #yourewelcome.

Coffee loves us all really well. 

That’s why whether you drink coffee or you don’t, you need to make sure you get some Goat Hill Coffee.

The only original, local, coffee roasting company in the city of Montgomery.

Valentines Day is coming soon… be sure to let coffee love you and get some Goat Hill Coffee.

You can get it at GoatHillCoffee.com


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Pictures done by: @BecBee_

Market Town is Back

Many of you remember the instagram posts, the Facebook links, the newspaper article, the radio announcements from September last year when Market Town Coffee Company was stolen. 

There really isn’t much that can be done when something SO OBVIOUS is taken other than hope that you’ll catch the thief peddling it in broad daylight.

We dealt with not only the loss of the bike, but the loss of customers when is was taken, having to make phone calls to brides and events telling them it was gone and then mailing back money to those clients.

In other words, stealing a very noticeable coffee cart was rude and we were mad, annoyed, sad, etc.

BUT we have the worlds most incredible friends who put together a gofundme account for us, getting us what we needed to start over again.

It took a few months to build what was taken…


Market Town is BACK. 

And in great attempt to be light hearted and goofy, we, along with our hilarious friends + the tunes of chance the rapper, made a video inviting all of you to be excited with us that Market Town is back in town.

So watch the video link below, laugh a little, and book Market Town for your next event!

P.S. We are not on the street corner right now, but we look forward to doing that when weather is warmer, stay tuned.

Market Town… WE BACK.