Wrapping up Master Bathroom

Yesterday I looked around my house and realized there were no more shoes prints of construction workers feet etched on my hard wood floors.

There was no longer dust whirling around in the air.

There were no more boxes piled in my bedroom, but rather filling up the sidewalk as they wait for the garbage truck to come rescue them.

Now all that’s left of the construction site is the smell of fresh paint

and a beautiful *functioning* bathroom.


That little doorway you see is a room for the toilet.

Do you remember the bath before? 

Toilet in the middle of the bathroom, awkwardly placed and a massive tub.

IMG_4249 (1)

There are multiple things missing still…

like shelving, handles for the vanity (which I am still hunting for the best one, maybe I am too picky), mirrors and painting the two doors that were installed.


Can I get a Hallelujah and Amen and some praise hands??? 


Don’t you just love the reflection of the window on the wall?

Dave, our AMAZING contractor, found these doors and sanded them down real nice for us!

Easy paint job.

He also extended the wall just enough to create a little bit more space without completely stealing all our closet space.

But instead of a swinging door, he built a pocket door to create more space.

Here’s what before looked like (in case you forgot)

We have to get two bulbs and paint that little spot around the light, but we chose one light fixture that was a little bigger to hang in-between our future mirrors!

Remember that vanity I was painting a few weeks ago?


The vessel sinks in the vanity were a random idea Cody and I had and Dave made it come to life, while still alleviating drawer space (which can be very challenging). We loved the way it turned out!

Oh, and all that pretty molding on the floor and ceiling? Well Dave the Contractor couldn’t find any to match the rest of our house… so he just MADE it himself.

Y’all, I CANNOT say ENOUGH good about him. He is a ridiculously talented man.

And his wife, Deann, is one beautiful woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty!

Love those two!

IMG_4619And then there is that big wall.

It is a lovely wall, there is space (which we have worked hard to have) but we need a form of good storage (that’s not an eyesore) to place on that wall!

Any pointers? Considering taking a trip to IKEA in a few weeks to see if we can find anything! Maybe there’s another place you have in mind! I would love to know!

Thanks to Dave and Deann and the crew, our bathroom is awesome, we could not be more thankful!! 

Valiant Teachers (Part 2)

Mr. Pettway.

Tall, intelligent, and ridiculously kind.

A teacher who who came to Valiant Cross knowing his ability to teach, the power of the school, but had no idea what the Lord had in store for his heart. 

“I mean, I love to teach, I love technology, and I love the bible, and I get to excel in ALL of those things as a teacher here.”

By talking to Mr. Pettway, it seemed as if God had fashioned this job perfectly for him, or maybe he fashioned him perfectly for the job. 

From listening to the way God so intentionally pursued the heart of Adam Pettway it was so evident that the Lord had His hand not only with the kids that became Valiant scholars, but the men and women who became Valiant Teachers.

I didn’t have to listen to Mr. Pettway to know that his heart and mind are so in tune with the spirit of God.

He shared with me that one morning, as he drove to work he asked the Lord “what is the best way for me to educate the kids today?”

He said that he continued to hear scripture in his heart seek first the kingdom.

So that’s what he did…

and continues to do daily.

IMG_4590 (2)

He says the greatest reward is being able to see them “get it”. Like when you can look in their eyes and know that something just “clicked”.

Isn’t it amazing?

To see and hear that teachers actually care?

They care that their students are educated, they care that they have a future, they actually believe that they can go the distance.

Mr. Pettway is one of those.

“I seriously believe that every student can succeed, it’s just all a matter of figuring out the best way to help them achieve that.”

Not many teachers are willing to search for that perfect way to educate their student.

Not many teachers are willing to stay as late as these teachers do.

Not many teachers are willing to seek first the kingdom.

Not many teachers are patient enough to help each student rise above whatever their individual struggle may be…

But Valiant teachers do.

Valiant teachers create Valiant scholars.

Valiant Scholars create Valiant leadership.

Valiant leadership creates a Valiant world.

Let’s not forget that it starts with teachers who are willing to rise above the call of duty to be Valiant themselves.

February 15th

Valentine’s Day is so sweet isn’t it?

The flowers, the candy, the presents… they’re all so thoughtful.

If I’m being completely honest, Valentine’s Day has never been a big celebratory thing for me and my hubs.

We attempted celebration this year over dinner at home binge watching The Office and I made him take a picture with me… which he wasn’t thrilled about.

But he loves me anyways…


Plus, with a Grandmother whose birthday is the day before the day of love I have found that the last couple of Valentine’s Days have been spent celebrating her (which means eating loads of red velvet cake).

This Grandmother is my only grand still living and it seems as if every time we celebrate another year of her I value her and my family that much more.

We all gather at the old farmhouse where she resides and eat a big meal, share stories, laugh and laugh and laugh.

I even captured my sister getting tickled while I was trying to get decent lighting in the house..

look at that smile 🙂

The laughter seemed contagious that night that my mind began drifting to a place where I realized how quickly these moments can pass.

The moments where no body can fit into a picture and you’re all squeezed so tight you can’t stop laughing

The moment you see the chaos is settling but sweet moments are still happening…

When you willingly spend time outside to invite the newest member of the family into #farmlife even if it is so cold you can’t stand it.

When you realize how much love there really is to offer.

My weekend spent with all those who share a little bit of DNA with me taught me what it is that we are all really starving for in this life.


Why do we blow our money on this heart shaped holiday? 

Because even if it’s one day out of the year, it’s the day where we can talk about it, live it out, dote on our favorites, and eat so much chocolate with absolutely no judgement.


But I vote that this year be a year we think about February 15th.

The day after Valentine’s Day.

Another beautifully cold, winter day to say yes to loving people well.

To eating a proper amount of chocolate and maybe even sharing a piece.

To doting on your favorite person or blessing a stranger.

To telling the ones you’ve known for a lifetime how much you crazy love them.

Because the moments are fleeting, but love will seriously last forever.

Happy February 15th, you crazy love birds.

Keep loving people well.