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Cody borrowed my Dad’s banjo, which was in terrible need of new strings.  So he took it over to the music shop for new strings and tuning, returning with a fabulous and somewhat new banjo.

I made a list of books to finish in 30 days.

Our morning looked beautiful.IMG_5176


Cellphones out of sight, books in front of us.

We studied the Word and read our little hearts out.

you know the amazing accomplished feeling you get when you totes deserve a pat on the back for 

*Books before instagram* 🙂

I know, I’m ridiculous, but that’s one of my joyful successes.

But then work happened, as per usual.

I got home before my amazing husband and desperately wanted to catch up on the latest episode of New Girl.

Like I craved it.

Jess and Nick, Cece and Schmidt, and my beloved Winston. A show that I can quote start to finish and the belly laughs are UNCONTROLLABLE.

I wish I didn’t have any room to say it,

but Y’all, I’m addicted.

I never really thought that I could actually crave the idea of watching tv, but I did.

But I realized after my husband wistfully removed our tv from our room, how much I craved the idea of sitting and… well…

not thinking.

Books were piled high in my excited attempt to casually sit and read when I finished work for the day, but the knowing that reading takes work and effort for my brain seemed irritating.

I wanted to relax and think-less.

In the mornings, reading is my favorite way to wake up, so obviously it wasn’t that hard to put my phone away.

It’s easy, it’s comforting, but for some reason, the end-of-the-day-reading gave me the same emotion that my mother did when she told me to do my homework AND clean my room years ago.

Cody came home and instantly pulled up YouTube videos of Banjo instructions like a little piece of perfection while I sulked over my books and the mere thought of taking my sewing machine out of the closet.

So in the midst of sulking, I walked over and sat down to listen to the best Cody Bell pluck away at the banjo.


At first it was slightly annoying listening to chords plucked out of order and rhythm.

It was irritating to know that my husband was obviously more mentally joyful that I was at that moment.

But then it hit me,

When has life really ever been a smooth rhythm of perfect melody and pleasantly plucked chords?

It just isn’t.

And yes, I’m embarrassed and wish I wasn’t so stinking addicted to tuning out the hard places of life with a brainless activity.

But maybe that’s God purpose for me in this 30 day wishful-doing challenge.

Maybe I need to face the places that are hard for me with brain-FULL activity.

Watching my  husband try and try again, perfecting something that seems complicated taught me that life calls us to just simply try and try again.

Cody and I can sit and talk while we try our new tricks of the trade and ask God new questions, maybe even hard questions to fully learn more about the places that hurt a little or even the places that makes us *incandescently happy* (for my Pride&Prejudice folks, that’s one of my current reads).

I so wish I wasn’t so addicted to the idea that life can actually be blocked out when there is so much life to taste.

Today, Jesus may need to walk you through life, maybe in the trenches, but there is always, ALWAYS light in the midst of the mud.

I thank Him that He showed me my addiction to tuning out life’s worries, because tomorrow is just one step closer to being fully

 addicted to Him.

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inspirational-quotes-change-the-secret-to-change-is-to-focus-all-of-your-energy-no-on-fighting-the-old-but-on-building-the-new-socratesA few months ago, my husband and I were in North Alabama at my grandmother’s old farmhouse, sitting around the kitchen table listening to old stories that my dad and his brother were sharing about their childhood.

“your great-grandmother, Laura, who you were named after, was always making something. She was always sewing, fixing, painting, gardening… you name it she was working on it until she went to bed”, Dad said to me.

My dad got up from the table and disappeared into the other room, returning with a folded table cloth.

“You see this? This is a table cloth made out of flour sacks. She used to sit at the table every night and stitch these together.  She never let anything be put to waste.”

Pretty cool, huh?

At least I thought so

I thought about my nightly routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face, and crawling into bed to watch an episode of The Office before I fall asleep.

And of course, setting the tv on “sleep timer” to make sure it turns off after I fall asleep.


Recently I have found that my husband and I are consistently having conversations about things that we want to do.

I want to play the banjo.

I want to be better at sewing.

I want to write more.

I want to read more.

I want to garden.

You name it, we have *wished* it.IMG_5096

We spend so much time saying we want to better ourselves at things like that, but never actually put forth the effort.

We spend our spare hours watching episodes of shows that we have already seen.

My mama puts it perfectly, “Netflix is brain candy. You don’t have to think, you just enjoy it.”She’s so right.

We don’t have to think about the stresses of our lives.

We don’t have to put effort towards anything else in the day.

We just simply turn on a show, and tune out life’s worries.

So our ideas and aspirations, our dreams and hopes are merely wishful thinking.

But what if our wishes weren’t our weakness, but instead our strengths?

Things that we want to do are done and done well.

While away on a trip to the mountains, Cody and I discovered how much we wish and never do.

We started calculating how many hours are in a season of The Office.

We found that we spent three days worth of hours watching that show.

Three. Days. Of. Hours. Y’all.

After discovering this crazy reality, I looked at Cody and said “What will I have left for my children to remember me by? My knowledge of Michael Scott’s weirdness and Pam & Jim’s perfect love story?”

Something has got to be different.IMG_5105

So we started thinking.

What if we unplugged our TV and replaced every moment of temptation to veg out watching it to learning and practicing the things we always wished we could do.

So we did it.

Unplugged that bad boy.

That beautiful, 40 inch, flat-screened, dream.


For 30 days.

Instead of wishful thinking, we are wishful doing.

For a lot of you, TV may not be your distraction. It may be something else.

But we encourage you to find what that is and replace it with what you are dreaming of.

Even if for one hour a day you practice whatever that is, let it be your season of doing. 

Great people never became great without trying and messing up a few times.

A little focus was all they needed,

or maybe it was 30 days. 


I will be sharing daily about our process, so stay tuned, lots of moments and real feelings coming your way!