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8 thoughts on “8 O’Clock Coffee

  1. Laura, your great-grandfather, Grover Plunkett sold coffee during the depression for $ .25 per 4 1/4 lb. bag and your grandfather “Papa Dock” ground the coffee in the room just off the kitchen at Mama Rue’s house. Grandpa bought the coffee in Cullman in 50 lb bags and made a little extra money selling coffee right there on the farm.

    It’s funny how these little repeat performances will show up in our lives when we allow our passions to be borne out in our actions. Unwittingly, you and Cody are continuing something that we have done for generations…I wonder where the old coffee grinder is…huh?

  2. So great to see you on Sunday . You look so happy and joyful. Still can’t register for subscription, so use my email included in my comment sign up. Look forward to seeing you soon and ordering coffee. Big hug!!

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