A Letters to Moms

I’m a real life, walking, talking, mama’s girl. 

My parents are ridiculously my favorite humans, but my mama… there’s just something about that little firecracker.

She knows my heart, she is my most honest friend, and nobody can make a salad like Wendy.

Since I got married, we don’t see each other as much, so phone calls are our go-to.

Most mornings, mom calls me while she’s getting ready for work.

katie bracelet

Half of the conversations consist of her putting me on hold to get in her car and “get situated”, but it’s her consistency that I appreciate so much.

We don’t have to talk, she just reminds me constantly that she’s there. 

bundle katieI was talking to one of my college gal pals, Katie, (owner of Marie Kate Boutique) and maker of this gorgeous jewelry), and realized how much she and I had in common as mama’s girls.

favorite katie

I asked Katie about her jewelry (especially the necklace) and this is what she said:

“When Taylor and I got married and moved to Wilmer, AL, I had no idea how much I would miss my momma.  I knew it was going to be hard (for the both of us) but I had no idea that some days would just kinda stink because she wasn’t here to share it with me.  I call her all the time with the most random requests and questions (thanks mom for not thinking I’m a weirdo) and I’m sure that she is usually busy or doing something but she always takes time to listen and answer even the random ones and she makes me feel at ease.  This necklace represents a nest full of children.  While I’m not still technically in my mom’s nest anymore I’m still very much her “baby bird”.  She always welcomes me back into the nest and no matter where I live physically we are always close.  This Bird’s Nest Necklace is symbolic of that relationship.  I hope all moms that get this realize how important they are to their kids.”

bracelet bundle katieTo all you Moms who are staying up late and up all night with a screaming baby, be encouraged sleep is coming soon. 

To all you Moms who are dealing with a child who is in their awkward phase, your encouraging words and faith in who they are in those years is the greatest gift of confidence that you can give them.

To all you Moms who are dealing with a moody and really irrational teenager, they love you, and thank you for loving them regardless of their attitudes.

To all you Moms who just dropped their 18-year-old at school, don’t worry, they will miss you more than you miss them in those first weeks apart.

To all you Spiritual Moms, the ones who didn’t birth a baby, but you mothered many through the way you lived and loved, you have impacted more souls than you’ll ever know or understand.

To all you Moms of children who just got married, leaving and cleaving is hard for them too. 

To all you Moms who have children with children, thank you for teaching with grace and empathizing when they felt alone in the “baby blues”.

To all the Moms who have done it all, your heart and your presence is such a safe place.

Thank you for being you.

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