Because He Rose

We woke with Him.

We had the most tired eyes and minds.


We mustered the energy to grab warm socks and a hot cup of Bell Blend and sat out on our balcony together.

We stared at the sky that is barely visible behind the roof of an overgrown house in our back yard. 

Cody read with his deep, southern, and tired voice “He is not here, He is risen.”


I felt the lump in my throat and the hot tears welling up as we sat with Jesus and spoke with Him about what we felt and thanked Him for what we had.

I began to tell Him the outpour of my heart

“Because You rose from the dead… fill in the blank.”  The list was long, but I know it wasn’t long enough.

There were so many thoughts, so many moments and blessings that have come to my life, all because He rose. 

All. Day. Long.

The church was bursting at it seams. There wasn’t enough room to seat all that came in Sunday morning. Because He rose. 

We had family lunch, and my nephew was there, healthy and happy, not a soul could tell that he was  in the NICU a mere three months ago all Because He rose. 


My niece was sassy, hunting eggs, giggling and completely set free from neutropenia all Because He rose. 



Our family lunch was fun, full of joy and laughter, even though two of our sweetest ones have gone to be with Jesus, Because He rose.





We have carried on traditions within our family for this specific day, because He rose. 


(these little beauties are wearing dresses that their great-grandmother hand made for all of us as little girls.  Although taking a pic was a bit of a struggle, the sentiment was present.)


My husband journeyed almost a full year of marriage with me, full of painfully hard moments and the most enormous joys.  He chose to walk all of them with me, because He rose. 



*I love our weirdness.*:)

The list could go on for days.

Sunday was a day that struck me on a different level. He rose from the dead and I am set free, but because He rose from the dead, that power lives inside of me!

I’m undone by the grace. I’m navigated by the Spirit.  I’m healed from the inside out and continue to be pursued when my weakness comes against me.

All. Because. He. Rose. From. The. Dead. 

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