We Wouldn’t Be Us Without You!

 On August 3, 2015, we set up a little coffee cart in downtown Montgomery.

A spot we strategically picked for our small business start up.


We spent morning after morning and evening after evening living in constant effort to run a business and work other jobs in the process.

The mornings were early, the evenings were late.

Our employees were just as new as we were at running a business and wearing the constant sleepy-eyed-look.

But through it all,

they have been our biggest advocates and greatest encouragers.



Why would we sit in crazy Alabama weather?

IMG_4115Why would we run business and events in the same day?

Why would we stay up all night roasting coffee and wake up before the sun to sell it? 


Why would we do any of it?

Because on days like Saturday, January 2, 2016, we get to see the fruit of our labor.

IMG_4165Market Town Coffee Company works along side organizations that are fighting Human Trafficking.

An epidemic that is world wide,

but also right outside our door.


As a team, we worked with an organization called The Wellhouse that works with women who have been trafficked in and around our state.

The provide transitional housing, job training, and trauma therapy for victims who need a second chance at life.

IMG_4224For months we collected items and sold coffee to support this mission and on Saturday, January 2, 2016 we made a company trip to The WellHouse to deliver all that we had worked for.

IMG_4227We toured the homes, looked into the eyes of the wounded, learned stories of heartbreak and complete redemption,  and felt completely humbled to shake hands with the people who work tirelessly to make this mission happen.

IMG_4225This opportunity allowed us to taste and *remember* that the Lord is good, regardless of the evil.

This trip gave us a boost of energy to launch us forward in coming months to keep striving for more to give away.

More than anything, this trip helped us remember you.

IMG_4233It helped us remember that no matter how hard we work, these incredible gifts and donations we were able to give would not be made possible without YOU.

Thank you for buying our coffee.

Thank you for walking by our cart and asking questions.

Thank you for inviting us to provide coffee for your events.

Thank you for inviting us to your wedding receptions.

Thank you for giving us encouragement.

Thank you for seeing our cause and partnering with us to make a difference.

Thank you for featuring our business in the newspaper and local TV.

Thank you for humbling us daily with gifts and donations and not thinking twice about it.

Thank you Montgomery,

we love you with an intense gratitude in our hearts, we wouldn’t be us without you! 


The Market at Chapel Hill

October 3, 2015

A day that will be written in the book of BEST.

Before Cody and I started our coffee cart business, we released a video, sharing our business model and what we were planning to do.

Within 24 hours, we received a phone call asking us to be the coffee providers for The Market at Chapel Hill at The Waters.

We were blown away by the invite but SO thrilled to get to be a part of it all!

That exhausting, freezing, cold, wet, and rainy day was one for the books.

The night before it opened, we had dinner with all the vendors.


I happened upon this sweet lady.

MissMustardSeed , as everyone calls her, was so gracious to my lack of knowledge on anything DIY.  We snagged this shot for my friend charlotte, who is a real-life #fangirl.

Miss Mustard Seed, her hubby, and two helpers were our BIGGEST customers on Saturday and we were so thankful we could have BURST.

imageWe woke at 5 am the next morning, a whole EXTRA hour of sleep for the Bells. 🙂

We were really joyful about that.

My sweet Aunt and Uncle hosted us in their home, let us fill it with coffee aroma …and grounds.

They were so gracious in helping us prepare for the most hectic day of our business career… the whole whopping 2 months of it.

Did I mention that October 3 was exactly 2 months for us with Market Town… we were a little excited about it!

image People loved the Market Town Mugs, AND our hot coffee.

We sold almost all of our mugs and so much coffee that our hands were stained by it.

imageSO many people have asked us who our coffee providers are!

Goat Hill Coffee Roasters 🙂

Cody and decided to brand our roasting business. We had to say goodbye to Bell Blend due to excess sales and new blends of coffee we roasted!  We were excited to share with others our roasting business there too!

it was a HIT! 

We brought bags of the coffee, our Montgomery T shirts, and Greeting Cards done by Nalin Khantisouryia.

If you loved Bell Blend, don’t worry, Goat Hill still carries the original.  Click the link to Goat Hill and subscribe to monthly coffee bags to your door!

imageMy sweet Mama and Aunt, Kathy, joined our business team!

Let. Me. Tell. You.

Those two can SELL.

We sold so much stuff because they are


2)Beautiful women

3) They REALLY love our coffee, shirts, and Nalin’s cards.

It was just a win-win situation.

imageWe were set up next to a yummy bakery from Union Springs, so people just HAD to have Coffee with their treats!

We sold hundreds and hundreds of cups of coffee.  

We shared our story with hundreds and hundreds of people.

We met hundreds and hundreds that already knew our story and supported us.


Surely there were angels surrounding us, helping us move quickly and still sometimes look at each other and smile.

Cody Bell swooped me up at one point in a big excited hug and kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t tell if I was happier to be hugged for warmth from the bitter wind or if I was just swooning over that fine man. 

It was probably a little bit of both.

There were so many times where I looked at that sweet man of mine and thought… ‘wow, what did I do to deserve a man who wants to bless people so much?’image

To say that that day was blessed beyond measure, is a complete understatement.

It is treasured in hearts.

We sure do hope we can see all you fine folks of Pike Road, Alabama again next year! 


A few days ago I was at our coffee cart.

The hustle and bustle of foot traffic was moving heavily passed me.

I smiled and waved at all the passers-by and served those who stopped.

But one woman stopped with no intention of buying coffee.

She was blond with a big smile and a sense of urgency and nervousness in her tone.

“Hi there, how’s it going?” I asked her, hoping it might calm her nerves.

“Hey Darlin!” she said.

gotta love a southern lady.image

She continued, “I saw Mr. Billy yesterday running  around in the park having to hold on to his pants because they were too big for him.  I asked God what to do, and, well, could you give this to him today if you see him?” she said as she handed me an old worn out belt.  “I hate to put this on you, but I might not get a chance to today and I don’t want him to miss out on having this.”

Mr. Billy is a man who wanders around downtown.  He is sweet, always showing me his lottery letters, saying that he has been acknowledged for sending in his information.


He runs around downtown, waving at folks, smiling all the time, and letting people know who all the downtown heathens are!

“Oh, yes, sure!” I said.

She hurried away before I could catch her name.

A few hours later, Mr. Billy comes running up to me, yelling out “Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Laura, I got an apartment today! I’m getting off the streets!”

We exchanged the worlds best high five and I proceeded to hand him the belt that was left for him.

“oh Mrs. Laura, it is so nice! For me? Are you sure?” he asked, in complete delight over this tattered belt.


“Yeah I’m sure, someone left it for you!” I said.

“This is the best day! Did you know God is good Mrs. Laura? He’s so good. He gave me a belt today!”

“He is!” I agreed.

That moment was pretty defining to me.

A woman who gave a little of her time and her husbands old possessions, made someone’s day.

Mr. Billy was way more excited about his new belt than he was his new apartment.

Me? Well, I realized how much more my placement became as the girl at the coffee cart. 

Somedays it’s hard to stand there, hear peoples opinions of what they think of you as they walk by.

Somedays it feels tiring and too much to my schedule.

But then, there comes the day when all the hard work pays off.

When we get to give away our first profits to an incredible organization that is fighting human trafficking in the River Region.


Blanket Fort Hope came by the cart to receive their donation a few weeks ago.

It was SO much fun getting to meet all those self-less giving people who started such an amazing organization.

It wasn’t us that did that gave that donation, it was all who came by and bought a cup of coffee.


It wasn’t me who brought that belt for Mr. Billy.

It wasn’t me who started an organization rescuing kids from traffickers.

It was God’s people, doing great things, fighting the urge to stay selfish and set each other free.

Happy #nationalcoffeeday to all you giving and loving folks.

Keep setting people free.

A life of giving is a life worth living.