New Beginnings

Well, it started.


That’s right, we opened this week.

It was everything I hoped for and nothing I imagined.

We woke at 4 am, brewed coffee, loaded up, and set up on the corner of N. Lawrence and Monroe Street.

When 6:30 am hit, traffic started pouring past us walking into work with the look of Monday in their eyes.

We got lots of weird looks, surprised faces, a few cheers, and numerous sales.

People were beside themselves that coffee was finally in downtown Montgomery and conveniently right outside their office.  

And for some reason these cream and sugar bags were the most exciting part to the customers. 🙂

colorboxphoto_8-2We wrapped up the first day with sunburns and a realization for the need of an umbrella.

I only earn farmer’s tans for the one and only Cody Bell, and even still my heart was broken to see that serious tan-line across my lanky bicep.

Nothing a little late night run to Academy Sporting Goods couldn’t fix.

colorboxphoto_12The next morning was much more shaded, extremely adorable, and even more fun.

More people stopped for coffee and lingered longer to learn our story. colorboxphoto_1We brought Brent, our sweet angel and favorite red head to work on Tuesday, and loved seeing him and all of his hard work.  He truly went above and beyond the call of duty, did I mention we love him? colorboxphoto_411855876_10206357311264113_904066235768605151_nHe is so friendly and awesome when he talks to customers that come for coffee.

11825150_10206358799941329_6605303762714127793_n11800526_10103377326507675_6985353404462714518_nThe news station called and did a segment on us Wednesday AND Thursday, giving us free advertising and major nervous tummy (notice mine and Cody’s awkward hand cross, we can’t help it, its our go to “I’m really nervous” stance).

colorboxphoto_11We had friends and strangers that were consistent every single day, delighting our spirits and encouraging us in this little adventure.

colorboxphoto_14You see, the reality of this small adventure of an extremely young couple opening a coffee cart is this: There is something greater than us guiding every moment of it all.

This cart isn’t about Laura or Cody Bell, it’s about the Kingdom.  It’s about what we can give back.  It’s about the rights of human life to live in freedom and not fear.  It’s about helping in the way that we can and in all of this God has given us opportunity after opportunity to pour into this mission.  He has given us publicity, he has given us grace in the hiccups and mess-ups. He sent us new faces to know and stories to hear, He is in charge and we can take NO credit.


If you haven’t heard of the business, here is a clip from the news segment that can tell you more about our coffee and how your purchase goes towards fighting Human Trafficking.

WSFA Alabama Live!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!


Market Town Coffee Company

I know very few people who don’t like coffee.

It’s a way to make friendships flourish, it’s a meeting place for school projects, it’s the addictive drink of the procrastinating college student, it’s the only drink that drags my tail out of bed every morning, and seems to be the source of comfort to the blessed souls who have a winter that lasts LONGER than a month.

God Bless Alabama. Amen?

IMG_3755My favorite Cody Bell came home one day with a wild idea…

“What if we had a cart?”

“A cart of what?”


And that was that. He went searching, I doubted he would find anything and joyfully went along my merry way.

But of course, he found it.

I must say too, its adorbs.

(I feel like abbreviations for adorable really captures its cuteness.)

Am I right?

IMG_3765I literally cannot even stand how cute it is.

Cody has been planning and pulling together this business for as long as our marriage and I am beyond excited to share with you today about Market Town Coffee Company.

But first,

watch this video. It’s less than a minute and worth every second 🙂


If you haven’t heard of Two Hawks Productions, well, they’re AMAZE and put together this trailer for us to share our business with you.


^^^Thats our corner 🙂

So you watched it.

And now you know, a missional coffee company. Simple.

We want to see a continuation of growth in our city.

We want to see the way our city can come together for something bigger than ourselves.

image5How cool will it be to see people joining together for a cause, NOT because something offensive happened or tragedy struck.

Thats our vision.

To rally together to help PEOPLE.

Human trafficking is rampant.

It’s sickening.

But there are SO many ways that we can help!

With our cart, we will give monthly donations to organizations who are fighting human trafficking.

Starting in Alabama, then the nation, eventually the globe.

image2Isn’t that awesome?

We are so excited about what is about to happen.

Your part is simple.

Come to the corner of N. Lawrence and Monroe street every business day.

We will be parked there.

Selling the city’s best coffee to the worlds best people.

You get to be a part of a cause just by drinking coffee.

image1Come find us.


We seriously can’t WAIT to meet you.

Easter Coffee

Yesterday morning the alarm clocks started playing their tunes.

I didn’t even squint open my eyes, they were simply too heavy, but I had enough energy to merely tap my husband’s shoulder and say “time?”, he replied with a muffled and extremely bass voice “5 am.”


coffee…” I mustered out as I pushed him to get out of bed.  Yes, he literally is the most selfless man I know, besides Jesus.

He got up and made the best pot of coffee Montgomery County has ever had.

*swoon.* 🙂

I have to be honest and a bit vain for a moment… our coffee is phenomenal. Seriously, amazing.

People have been buying coffee left and right from us, and I am completely fine with that.

imageSorry, I just love typing in our hashtag and looking at all the pics 🙂

The post office is my second home, believe me, they all say “Hey, the coffee girl is here!” every time I come in.  I just love that.  A few weeks ago I made a shipment to Washington D.C., yep, I felt so political 🙂

Christmas was crazy because coffee was the ultimate stocking stuffer and the last minute Christmas gifts.  I literally delivered coffee to a house as someone was walking in to give the present.. whew, just in the knick of time!



So today, I am here to tell you, EASTER is coming SO SOON.

I’m a weirdo about Easter.  I may love Easter more than Christmas.  It is the best day of Spring.  Everyone wears white, smock dresses flood our church building, and my family always goes all out for a big family lunch, all 8 million of us.. kidding, but my family is huge, and they just keep having babies.

My Grandfather had a tradition for himself on Easter Sundays.  He would get in a little fishing boat and ride to the middle of his pond, sit, wait, and watch the sunrise.  I always imagined him out there with a cup of coffee in his hand waiting to hear the Lord speak to Him on such a glorious day. Now, He sits with Jesus on Easter Sundays, and sometimes I wonder if they have Easter Coffee together in Glory.  What a sight 🙂


I just know that in heaven that we are the perfected versions of ourselves, and Jesus gets that. Sometimes I imagine Him having Heaven mornings with me with a bowl of Cheerios that never get soggy and a cup of coffee that never goes luke warm.


This Easter, you can fill up Easter baskets with bags of Bell Blend or even your morning belly with it, and we would love that.

But more than anything, that grave was left empty, so that you could be filled, filled to the brim of your being with the Spirit of the Living God.

Amen? Amen!

*if you are really interested in buying Bell Blend, go to the coffee shop tab and click the sub tab labeled “support our shop”, it will give you a direct link to our square site 🙂 *

Happy Almost Easter, I can’t WAIT!