New Home, New Improvements

A few months ago, my hubby and I bought ourselves a little cottage in the historic district of our city.

A little house built in 1929.

The cuteness + the excitement was unreal when the house finally became our home.

IMG_0762There is so much pretty in this little house I could bust.

The house was renovated in 2006, but over the years, wasn’t properly taken care of…

until we got in there and did the grunt work.

Yes, legitimate

Painting every room.

refinishing floors (yes, that includes stripping the floor, staining, sealing and YES it was miserable, but TOTALLY worth it.)

Trying to still love each other in the process.


There is so much charm in this little cottage that captured me when we initially considered buying it.

The main love was the windows in the master bathroom 🙂

IMG_4313But the windows were all that we loved about that particular room in our house.

So we decided to do some more grunt work, with EXTREME help from our contractor.

We picked paint colors and tiles,


went to home depot more than we’ve ever been before, and are now currently living in a construction zone.

IMG_4295 IMG_4298Im not naturally a tidy person, but construction in your house makes you crazy hungry for a clutter-free room/ANYTHING.


Even an attempt to make boxes less “everywhere” seems IMPOSSIBLE.


IMG_4249 (1)

(before of the master bath)-I can’t WAIT to show you the after pics! 

As crazy as this may seem, living in a little bit of chaos that keeps on going teaches me so much about how life is a consistent process.

Most things take more than 24 hours to accomplish or obtain.

Nothing, not even living in a dusty, construction zone of a house, lasts forever,

except Jesus.

He’s forever.

And I love that He is.

Photoshoots and DIYs

Working for a wedding and event planner AND floral designer makes every day an adventure.

This week: RSVP Photo shoot.

RSVP magazine wanted to do some wedding inspiration and Evan was asked to be a part of it.  After changing his mind over and over, he finally settled on a Gatsby theme, and man was it beautiful!


It wasn’t the typical neutral color pallet.  “Marsala” was the color of choice with gold and so many chandeliers! Literally had my heart thumping, partially from all the gold chivari chairs I hauled into the venue.  We set up the mock ceremony and reception at the Warehouse at Alley Station (pretty much the best new venue in Downtown Montgomery), Brendle rentals provided literally everything, Special Event Lighting, Paper Blues designed the precious invitations and menus, and cake made by Simply Sugared 🙂



The sweetest couple came and acted as models for the shoot and brought one of their even SWEETER babies! I am pretty sure that the best part of my job is all the people that I get to meet.  Every personality is different and every second of it is a phenomenal blessing.

This group of people were a blast to be around Wednesday.  Sweetest couple award to JW and KC Godwin, and thank you for having easy names to remember. Melissa (simply sugared) was one gem to meet, so kind, generous, and an absolute God send of help that day!  Colorbox photographers (AKA perfect golden haired beauty) came and shot the whole set up and created a whole new realm of joy with her sweet personality.


Let me tell y’all, my whole life I thought that this would be one of the easiest jobs.  You get to play with flowers, glitter, fancy photographers and be famous.


I am pretty sure that day was full of sweat, hard work, and hangry workers (hangry=angry and hungry.)

There was no time for a lunch break or even a break at all.  It’s been freezing cold for weeks now, but the day of that shoot, it was warm and rainy. The show must go on. Regardless of rain, shine, or snow, that photo shoot had to happen, and EGC rocked it.

It was lovely, classic with elegance, and it amazes me still that he can turn nothing into beauty.

The next day was a later start at the office, with less chores, so a little DIY happened.


YEP, Evan just decided to make a random flower arrangement, for literally no reason, and it was perfect. I watched in amazement.  It literally took him 10 minutes to make.  Working for Evan, flower names have been a struggle for me to learn and memorize, or even pronounce correctly, so here it goes:

Greenery: Bay Leaf (which I thought was only for cooking, but apparently not.), Seeded Eucalyptus, leather leaf, and jasmine.

Flowers: Ivory Roses, Anemones, Ranunculus, and Protea.




EGC even gave me some camera tips and I hashtagged him in that moment #kimboxevan.

He always says Kim Box made him everything he is today, and honestly, I believe him! So props to you Kim Box Photography, y’all know what’s up.  When Evan is being followed by the paparazzi one day (he already pretends that he is and where sunglasses inside), he will always give y’all the credit!

I never imagined myself doing what I do, but I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained, the people I have met, and the way God orchestrated it all.