Run With Perseverance

I started running in college.

I spent majority of my life in a dance studio, so when I got my diploma, it uprooted me from dance to nothing in a matter of days. The freshman 15 awaited me as the first college I attended joyfully and graciously had a chic-fil-a in their student center.

Gyms completely freaked me out, elliptical’s made me feel like an uncoordinated baby horse trying to learn how to use their legs, and just the thought of lifting weights petrified me.

But my roommate, who previously ran track at a D1 college, asked if I wanted to run with her.  I was scared, and quite frankly I was horrible at it. But every day got easier, every mile got faster, and my heart latched on.  Nichole, my roommate at the time, didn’t run with ear buds.  It was just me and her.  We didn’t talk, we just ran, and it made sense to only us. 

The only time we would talk is if we got tired, and one or the other would say “Run with perseverance the race which was been set before you.” And BOOM, lightening bolts would hit our tennis shoes and we could run for days.

Nichole even got me to run my first 5k.  I ran it in 21:19, and I am pretty sure I will never be able to run that fast, ever. again.


When I switched colleges, I no longer had my running buddy.  Running got harder and harder, because lets be honest, if you ask a college student if they want to run with you, you get one of two answers:

1) They laugh in your face and usually proceed to tell you that only run if someone is chasing them.

2) Usually a girl, who is a perfect size, is fearful she’s gained weight, agrees to be your running partner, and quits before 0.2 miles.

But one day, Laine Kelly came to Faulkner, she ran with ear buds, but that was fine with me.  We could run together… and she could run miles further than me, but I was ok with that.


Y’all, this girl has run so many half marathons that I can’t even count, but I promise you she has the metals to prove it.  This year it was FINALLY in Montgomery.


Nals and I traveled all over our little city trying to catch her at her marks… yeah, we failed.  BUT we we found her as she finished the race set before her. She did so stinking good, regardless of how yucky the day was that morning. We all got to hug her neck and congratulate her and then carry on our merry way.


You know, when I think back to people telling me “I only run if someone is chasing me”, I wish I had looked back at them and said “someone is, He created you, and He’s chasing your heart.” 



The chaser of our hearts is running through life with us, distributing perseverance along the way.  The older I get the more I realize the desperation in my soul to have Him running the race of life with me, pushing me, encouraging me, and molding my heart the way that He does so willingly.

You may not be a runner, but I still want to challenge you to

run with perseverance the race which has been set before you.

Photoshoots and DIYs

Working for a wedding and event planner AND floral designer makes every day an adventure.

This week: RSVP Photo shoot.

RSVP magazine wanted to do some wedding inspiration and Evan was asked to be a part of it.  After changing his mind over and over, he finally settled on a Gatsby theme, and man was it beautiful!


It wasn’t the typical neutral color pallet.  “Marsala” was the color of choice with gold and so many chandeliers! Literally had my heart thumping, partially from all the gold chivari chairs I hauled into the venue.  We set up the mock ceremony and reception at the Warehouse at Alley Station (pretty much the best new venue in Downtown Montgomery), Brendle rentals provided literally everything, Special Event Lighting, Paper Blues designed the precious invitations and menus, and cake made by Simply Sugared 🙂



The sweetest couple came and acted as models for the shoot and brought one of their even SWEETER babies! I am pretty sure that the best part of my job is all the people that I get to meet.  Every personality is different and every second of it is a phenomenal blessing.

This group of people were a blast to be around Wednesday.  Sweetest couple award to JW and KC Godwin, and thank you for having easy names to remember. Melissa (simply sugared) was one gem to meet, so kind, generous, and an absolute God send of help that day!  Colorbox photographers (AKA perfect golden haired beauty) came and shot the whole set up and created a whole new realm of joy with her sweet personality.


Let me tell y’all, my whole life I thought that this would be one of the easiest jobs.  You get to play with flowers, glitter, fancy photographers and be famous.


I am pretty sure that day was full of sweat, hard work, and hangry workers (hangry=angry and hungry.)

There was no time for a lunch break or even a break at all.  It’s been freezing cold for weeks now, but the day of that shoot, it was warm and rainy. The show must go on. Regardless of rain, shine, or snow, that photo shoot had to happen, and EGC rocked it.

It was lovely, classic with elegance, and it amazes me still that he can turn nothing into beauty.

The next day was a later start at the office, with less chores, so a little DIY happened.


YEP, Evan just decided to make a random flower arrangement, for literally no reason, and it was perfect. I watched in amazement.  It literally took him 10 minutes to make.  Working for Evan, flower names have been a struggle for me to learn and memorize, or even pronounce correctly, so here it goes:

Greenery: Bay Leaf (which I thought was only for cooking, but apparently not.), Seeded Eucalyptus, leather leaf, and jasmine.

Flowers: Ivory Roses, Anemones, Ranunculus, and Protea.




EGC even gave me some camera tips and I hashtagged him in that moment #kimboxevan.

He always says Kim Box made him everything he is today, and honestly, I believe him! So props to you Kim Box Photography, y’all know what’s up.  When Evan is being followed by the paparazzi one day (he already pretends that he is and where sunglasses inside), he will always give y’all the credit!

I never imagined myself doing what I do, but I am thankful for the knowledge I have gained, the people I have met, and the way God orchestrated it all.

Wednesdays at Nine

Wednesdays at 9 pm is a time that Cody and I look forward to weekly.  We always ask each other if Wednesday at 9 is happening, and it always does.

A few months ago, I connected with a girl that I have known for years.  She and I went to Faulkner together, we ran with completely different crowds, and did not consider each other more than sweet acquaintances, BUT, a few months ago we met for coffee and connected in a way that we never have before.  So I invited her and her boyfriend to our apartment for dinner one night, and the rest was history.

Every Wednesday night at 9, Ben and Nalin (AKA Ben and Nals) come over for coffee after church, they always stay later than they planned, and we always love that.


Nals is so tiny, so evidently Laotian, regardless of her southern accent, and the sweetest human.  She is creative and smart, and remarkably one of the most consistent people I have ever known.


Ben looks, acts, and appears to be the classic white boy, although he will make very clear to you that he is African American, because he really is half Egyptian. Oh, and he also believes that he is really gangster, which is hysterical.


These two are quirky, kind, and the sweetest of friends.  Its like a Wednesday night support group when they come over.  It is our time to sit and talk about our dreams and fears, our week, our day, even the last hour. We even pray together.

Coffee is always a MUST HAVE.

There is usually a point in the evening where the men go do manly things and me and Nals sit and visit on the couch.  The boys spent a good bit of last night finishing up some recent coffee orders in our, what I like to call, Peek-a-Boo kitchen.


Occasionally Ben will peek his head through and yell random things at us, and nine times out of ten in attempt to sound cool/gangster.


When the men finished roasting, we all got to enjoy a freshly roasted, ground, and brewed cup of Bell Blend coffee, it was so delightful. We sat around our little circle table and laughed and laughed.

These two love what’s happening in the world of the Bell Family and they sure do encourage us in our adventures.

You know what we love the most about them? Their heart for Montgomery, Alabama, their  desire for community in our home town and their insane love for Jesus.


I mean come on Montgomerians, don’t you desire a place where you can sit and visit? Have a comfy place to enjoy each others company, especially with Bell Blend in your hand? 🙂

We do too. That’s the way the Bell’s and Ben and Nals connect.  We are a little support group of dreamers, dreaming away the evening and desiring a new excitement for our city to rise up, and trust me, it’s already happening.


It’s always interesting the way the Lord navigates timing for us. Nalin and I were barely friends just a few months ago and Cody hardly knew Ben.

The Lord knew that. He knew before time began that we would be where we are and that we would need souls like Ben and Nals to walk in consistency with us.

I loved waking up this morning and discovering the remains of a Wednesday at 9.  These two little cups sitting on the table was a reminder of the Lord and the way He has transitioned life for all of us, and He has done so with such intense grace.


God orchestrates all things good,

Even Wednesdays at 9.

*Be sure to order more coffee, and stay tuned for what’s happening next week 🙂 *