What A Wedding Really Is

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

Most couples go on a big trip or have a fancy dinner, and believe me I rejoice for those who get to do that, but, #budgetprobz, we chose something simpler.

Well, I guess I chose something simpler.

Sundays are for after church naps, and while my sweetest hubs was napping I packed us up a picnic and loaded the car with a quilt, cute little plates I snagged at a warehouse sale last week, and two PB&J sandwiches.


Cody woke up to me blindfolding him with the tie he wore on our wedding day.

I took the long way to where we were going just to try to confused him, it worked. 🙂

And we made it just in time…

to the Oaks Plantation Home, the venue where we wed, AND at 5:30 on the dot, when our wedding would have began. 

We sat down on the quilt that supported our picnic and Cody prayed over us.

Emotions ran so deep in that moment and we recognized the most spectacular thing…

As we sat outside, we remembered the beauty of our wedding day, the prayers that the rain would stop (and it did!!!), the flowers, the music, the friends, the food…



as we stared into the empty field that was once filled with all of those beautiful things just merely a year ago, we realized that we were all thats left.

Our marriage, our puny little year of marriage, is all that’s left of our wedding.

I work for a wedding planner and watch the wedding planning process from start to finish. I see brides debate over colors, flowers, food, decor, and I remember how stressful it was to make that day the one I had always dreamed of.


But with weddings comes a marriage.  The wedding is about the marriage, it’s about creating a heavenly bond that the Lord created FOR US.

The wedding is about vowing to fight for the best when it really feels like the worst.

The wedding is about vowing to honor one another’s ideas.

The wedding is about vowing to love one another when money just isn’t in your bank account.

The wedding is about vowing to accept the flaws of the person standing in front of you and love them REGARDLESS of their short comings.

The wedding is about promising to care for your person when they’re sick and can’t get out of the bed.

The wedding is vowing to love your person when they don’t know how to love themselves.

The wedding is about vowing to take on your partner’s family, their traditions, their hearts, and training your own heart to become accustomed to it.


The wedding is about CELEBRATING the fact that you just made a forever vow before God to love, cherish, respect, honor, laugh, cry, and journey for the rest of your life. 

Because when the day is over, when the flowers are dead, when the chairs are put up, and the pictures are printed, all that you have left is your marriage.

And marriage is hard, it’s challenging, it’s exciting, it’s unending,

and it is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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Wait For The Man

I first saw Cody Bell in August of 2008.

He was tall, tan, and had one of those buzz cuts that I found completely distasteful.

There was something about him though… 

He walked cooly into the 4th period english class that we shared and proudly took a seat on the front row.

Every girl at our small private High School was intrigued by the new guy who had just moved to town and now roamed our hallways.

He intrigued me with the way he walked, with a humble confidence that held a sense of mystery, drawing in curiosity.

I saw him all the time, seeing as we ran with the same people and graduated with 110 in our class.


 It wasn’t until February of 2010 that I realized that he saw me too. 


Snow fell had not fallen on Montgomery, Alabama in 6 years, but it snowed.

The snow was perfect, beautiful, and the whole city bought out the bread, milk, and water from all the local grocery stores. 

(it only snowed an inch)

My sisters took me around town to shop and scope out the beauty of our church building that had been covered in white.  We snacked on gummy worms and Dr. Pepper, laughing at ourselves for being those  people who were fascinated by snow.

We pulled back into the drive way of the house that raised me, I stepped out of the car, and there he stood, bundled up in layer after layer of sweat shirts.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, very confused as to how he even knew where I lived.

“Read the snow”.

I stepped out into the street to get a better view, and my front yard.

 DSC02574Can you read it??

Junior/Senior was our high school’s version of prom.

I was ecstatic and felt completely amazed at his idea of asking.

“Where’s your car?” I asked.

“Well, my mom wouldn’t let me drive on the roads, so I walked.”

“You walked?” I replied.  “How far?”

“Oh, about 6 miles.”

*Insert Swoon* 🙂

It wasn’t long after he walked 6 miles in the snow to ask me to prom that we started dating.


The rest was history. 🙂

Read ahead in the story of human history and you will see it all leads to a wedding.

They were heaven’s idea first.  Like children we play house and practice eternity with our vows.  We cry at weddings because our spirits catch a glimpse of what we were made for and what’s coming-


a bride, adorned in white, fully known, fully seen, and fully one.


1 year ago Sunday, we echoed eternity and it’s become even more sacred and special.

I encourage you to wait for the man who will walk for you, fight for you, pray for you, listen to you, encourage you, and love you when you are the most UN-loveable.

Wait for the man who see’s your heart and is un offended by its scars.

Wait for the man that makes your heart beat a little faster at the sound of his voice.

Wait for the man who has a history of goodness and fights to be good over evil.

Wait for the man who holds complete humility in all areas of his life.

Wait for the man who is a risk taker and a dreamer of big things.

Wait for the man who is always up for a late night pizza.

Wait for the man who can make your stomach hurt from laughing and dares you to live courageously.

Wait for the man who journeys with you in all the seasons of life and never gives up on you in the darkest ones.

Wait for the man who is willing to walk 6 miles in the snow for you,


so that one day you can walk to him.

so you can then,


walk together.

Why Moms Rule

With Mother’s Day coming up, this was weighing on me.

I have always struggled with math.

It was one of those subjects that I couldn’t grasp like the other kids at the academic magnet school I went to.

It made me insecure.

Math made you insecure? Yes.

Trust me, if you go to a magnet school or any school with advanced academics, the only way to be cool is with good grades.

I was once on a cheerleading team for the SAT tests. No lie, pep rally and everything. These places can be weirdly intense. 

But my mom believed in me.  She wouldn’t let me think less of myself for a second.

So, instead of after school tutoring, my mom studied my math book, SHE learned 5th grade (well really 6th grade math) all over again, SHE woke me up early and we would have breakfast together and math tutoring.

Although it was hard and frustrating, I learned that math book cover to cover, my mom was my biggest fan.  I would be getting on the school bus and she would say “I’ll be praying all day, God believes in you and I do too.”

This was daily, she was so consistent with me.


I came home one day after getting my test score back.  I made a 93 on my test (which NEVER happened to me, and was one of the lowest in my class) BUT STILL.

I got off the bus and my mom was waiting eagerly to hear my test score.

She counted to 3 and I shouted out my score through the roof-tops!

“I MADE A 93!”

Mom turned on music and we had a full fledged dance party.  I got pizza, ice cream, and together watched the newest episode of 7th Heaven.

Which in our house was a big deal.

She believed in me then, and she believes in me now.

I am grown, married, and out of my parent’s house, but my mom STILL sends me the prayers she prayed over me that morning along with bible verses and a confidence booster.

She is SO much a part of my life, my sisters lives, our husbands lives, and our Daddy’s life. She is so insanely good at being a mama, mentor, wife, grandmother and BFF.


To all you mamas out there, let me tell you something. 

Thank you for staying up all night with us. Thank you for feeding us.  Thank you for noticing us when it felt like no one else did.  Thank you for loving us regardless of our horrible sassy attitudes. Thank you for making our lunch boxes and washing our dirty clothes.  Thank you for changing our dirty diapers. Thank you for sharing your bed when we had bad dreams. Thank you for rejoicing with us.  Thank you for sacrificing your figure to carry us for 9 months.  And to adoptive mothers, Thank you for waiting patiently for us and praying endlessly for us to be YOURS.

Wanna know why moms rule?

Because Mamas sacrifice, and when you sacrifice to bring someone into the world, you’ll sacrifice everything you have for them.

To all the moms out there, thanks for never giving up on us.

You Rule.

also, if you want to give a good mother’s Day gift, Coffee is always a good choice 🙂