Valiant Wednesday

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

-Mother Teresa

IMG_4273“What were good things that happened to you today?” Mr. Brock asked the students of Valiant Cross Academy during their after school program.

Hands flew in the air, anxious to share their daily good news.

“I made a 100 on my homework quiz”, one student shared.

“Hey, that’s great! Alright, guys, let’s tell him ‘good job’.” Mr. Brock replied.


The boys joined together in unity chanting

Good job! Good Job!”

*clap clap*

Good job! Good job!”

*clap clap*

IMG_4266Again, hands flew in the air and student after student shared their story of success for the day…

and every success story, received some form of encouragement for their joy.

The boys prayed together and introduced one of their own to lead them in a devotional.


While one student shared a devotional, the boys listened with grace and gave their ideas as to what the devotional was trying to speak to their hearts.

They supported each others thoughts and encouraged one another to go deeper, to keep sharing.


They encourage confidence.

They support creative thought.

They respect those who lead them.

They bless those who visit them.

They live with valiance, dignity and strength, 

because when words of life are spoken,

they just *might* be believable.

These boys understand the importance of speaking the truth that God sees in others to them.

It absolutely wrecks me.


How are you speaking life into the hearts of those around you?

How is God calling you to live a *valiant* life?

If anything,

Have lots of joy today, the Father of Jesus is very fond of you.


Valiant Wednesday

Valiant: possessing or showing courage or determination.

Yesterday I went by Valiant Cross Academy


Coolest School in Montgomery County.

I spent my time in their main office doing some paper work and talking with their office director.

In sweet conversation, we talked about the definition of the word “Valiant”.

It struck me how powerful that word was not only in title for the school, but for life in general.

IMG_3692 2

Living with courage means doing something in spite of your fears.

Living with determination means standing firm in your purpose. 

To live valiantly means living with BOTH strengths.


If these “original 30” students can live a valiant life, I dare say we ALL can!

He that is living within YOU is greater than he that is in the world.


As you go about your Wednesday today, I want to encourage you to live a valiant life.

A life of courage.

A life of determination.

A life of valiance.


Valiant Cross Academy: Rise Above

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.  Never throw out anyone.”- Audrey Hepburn

I took a detour downtown Tuesday morning, to a place that kept my eyes tear-filled and my heart throbbing with pride.

Valiant Cross Academy.

An all boys, private Christian School, smack dab in the heart of Montgomery.


A new school to town, only up and running around 2 months, but the power that this school holds makes it feel like it’s been here all along.

I rang the front door to the school, nervous, hoping that they would be ok with me just prancing through with my camera and a smile… 🙂

They totally were.  In fact, you could tell these boys were used to visitors. 

I walked into the Language & Social Studies class and was immediately greeted by “the visiting coordinator”.

IMG_3678THIS^^^ adorable little fella (AKA visiting coordinator) immediately rose from his seat, walked over to me, shook my hand, and introduced himself.  The confidence was present and he wanted to show me ALL that he was learning.

He took me to his computer to show me how he was learning to write a letter.

He wanted me to see how his computer “lets your letters change if you don’t like how they look”.  He said “Mrs. Bell, it’s called ‘changing your font’… its very fancy.”

AH, my heart.


The teacher looked up and said “class, we have a visitor, let’s tell her hello.”

and they did.

with a beat.

One boy started a beat, one boy started the chant, and then they all joined in.

all to simply say hello.


I continued walking around the class, and stopped when I saw one of the boys writing a letter to one who is so dear to my heart.

IMG_3682I knelt down.

“What’s your name?”

“Cameron” he replied.


“Im Laura Jean, what’s your last name?” I smiled back.

“Bell” he said.

“Mine too!” I said.

“You’re my Sister then!” he said, hoping I understood what he meant.


We immediately exchanged high fives when we realized we were kin.


IMG_3675These sharp young men have no clue that they are making history.

They have no clue that they are changing the course of their own lives and the lives to come after them.

They have no clue how far they are going to go in life.

They have no clue how many are touched by their lives.

IMG_3692 2I couldn’t help but marvel at the stories that were shared with me by their staff.

The stories of God’s unending faithfulness as this school was being built and how it continues to build.

These kids are the product of a city that sent a shock wave around the world.

The events and moments that happened right outside the doors to their school 50 + years ago was merely a foreshadowing to the glory that the Lord would unfold through THEM.

They are the future.

Sharp. Smart. Spirit Led.

IMG_3698What made my heart ooze with pride was more than just seeing a bunch of sharp dressed 12 year old boys…

It was meeting the men who are leading them.

IMG_3695These boys have confidence, renewed minds, strength, courage, and dignity, because there are men in their lives who are telling them daily that they are capable… adequate… enough.

They remind them that they are warriors.

They remind them that no matter what happens in their lives that they can rise above.

IMG_3694They are important to them.

When someone makes you feel important, the level of respect you have for them goes beyond what could imagine.

Those students respect their leaders, because their leaders value them.

Instead of giving these boys fish for the day, they are teaching them HOW to fish.

They are educating them with knowledge and the love of Christ.

To the leaders and all who have journeyed to make Valiant Cross Academy a reality, we see you, we notice you, we appreciate you. Because without you, this marvelous place wouldn’t exist.

IMG_3696We are a city that has struggled to stay above water for decades.

We are city that changed the course of history, on more than one occasion.

We are a city that hosted crime.

We are city that celebrated freedom.

We are a city that changed the world,

and Valiant Cross Academy is changing generations.