Day 1: Doing what’s true

“Each of you should use whatever git you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of Gods Grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:30

I recently went on a Bachelorette trip to celebrate one of my dearest college friends.

We all packed up, 12 girls, one cruise, let the hilarity commence.

It was amazing for about a million reasons:

Endless food.

Nassau, Bahamas.

No one was dramatic.

We laughed at everything.


We spent every day living like queens on this ship and acting like true American tourists on the Island.

It truly was magical.

But I think the cherry on top of the trip was my drive home.

Crammed in a car with two of the twelve, two gals that are close friends, who share kindred thinking.

The trip from Port Canaveral to Montgomery is long and the distance between is logged on painfully boring interstates.

So naturally we came up with random games to play, ending up on “the question game.”

The driver, Cassie Ray, was full of questions, but she landed on one that managed to change the tone of the entire car ride.

“Okay, let’s go around and tell each person in the car what we see as strengths in them, maybe strengths that they don’t see in themselves.”


Easy to say those things to others, but to have them said to you brings on the same emotion as when a group is singing happy birthday to you and all you can do it sit and smile and let your face turn pink.

times ten.

But those girls, let me tell you.

They spoke life.

Life that lit a fire of rejuvenation into my spirit.

“Your words. I don’t think you realize the healing they bring. It’s like your words are a balm that help heal wounds. God has given you the ability to know what to say and what to write.”

“you are creative.”

“You are smart.”

fill. in. the. blank. of. LIFE.

They were speaking my truth, what God sees in me.

But as they spoke I was uncomfortable.

I wanted to hide.

But I was stuck in a leather filled capsule driving 80 miles per hour.

Forced to listen to my truth.

SO why do I tell you this?

Why am I telling you all the things that these powerful women spoke over my life?

Because the same goes for you.

What truth are you rejecting about your life?

Because the reality is that I love to talk, but I don’t always feel like what I say matters.

I love to write, but I don’t feel like I am as good as I could be.

I love to encourage people, but I fear I’m not encouraging enough.

I love to create new things, but I fear those things being rejected.

I read and try to learn a lot, but I don’t always feel smart.

But just in a moment, the truth was spoken that I am good and

if I engage in what my gifting’s are, stewarding what God has put in me, learn from other people, sit in the truth instead of running  from it…

What might my life look like then?

I dare say I’d be living out dreams that have been buried and suffocated under lies.

And I think I’d be doing exactly what I was designed to do.

30 days of wishful doing is for me and for you.

For me,

Ill be sharing about people I have learned from, my season of life and how it’s changing me, what I am reading, what I am itching to learn and hopefully do more of in my life, and the people I know that are DOING amazing things.

I hope that this journey will help you discover the truth of who you are so that you can live out of that amazing authenticity.

Day 1… it’s always good to start somewhere. 

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