Day 15: A fresh coat of new mercies

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated Mother’s Day lunch with my mama and dinner with my mama in love.

But it was the in-between hours when the rest of the world took a nice Sunday afternoon nap that the Bells were working on the duplex once again.

I honestly just felt over the whole process and in desperate desire for a nap.

You know when you are tired and you just want to chill so naturally you trip over everything, break something, get paint in your hair… etc?

I felt like a baby horse learning to walk for the first time and I messed everything up along the way.

So naturally I reacted. Poorly. 

At everything.

I took a paint brush to the wall and watched as it covered up very old, probably last painted in 1955, paint.

I watched as it smoothed over the top with ease and made something ugly perfect.

A thought ran across my mind:

His mercies are new each morning.

They are.

As Frustrating as life is.

The Unnecessary behavior.

The Attitude that didn’t have to join you.

His mercies are like a fresh coat of paint over your heart.

Painting over the day before.

Painting over the bad decision or word you used.

Painting over the hurt that maybe lingered a minute too long the day before.

Painting over the places that feel like they’ve been sitting in your life for way too long.

His mercies are new each day.

I know I am a little crazy, finding Jesus in the fresh paint and bad attitude.

But on day 15 of wishful doing, I challenge you to take hold of your new mercies and go on a hunt in your every day, to find an extra taste of heaven in all that you do.

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