Day 17: She Laughs At The Days To Come

Last night I was chatting with a friend about life as of late.

It’s been really hectic.

But strangely, I’ve been calm. that doesn’t ever happen.

I am normally the one who frantically reacts to about everything that happens in my life.

Calm isn’t always my normal.

But recently, working tirelessly on this fixer upper, I have found more understanding of the Lord.

I know that every time (whoever is reading this) clicks it’s another random update about this place.

But it is doing something to me.

It’s teaching me to laugh. Not panic.

Not cry.

Not worry.

We have sacrificed weekends and Sunday afternoon naps (those are a big deal at the Bell house), to work on this place.

But the other day, as I painted and painted and scrubbed and moved dirty old toilets outside and cleaned up mess and dust and grime and my back hurt and my shoulders burned and there were still spots that needed paint touch up, I felt the Lord show me how He works.

It’s as if He wanted me to see what it looks like inside my heart.

Ripping out old, bringing in new. 

Painting on new mercies.

Touching up spots that have been overlooked by man.

Scrubbing away brokenness and refinishing it into growth and new life.

Stealing ideas of what “should be” into “who I am called to be.” 


The last fixer upper was panic.

The last fixer upper was yelling.

The last fixer upper was crying and pouting.

But this one I know was placed in my life at this time on purpose.

A time to teach me that my life indeed will be ok even when things feel chaotic.

I can sweat.

I can smile.

I can rejoice.

I can laugh at the days to come.

Because when I choose to laugh at the days to come, I see the Lord in my present.

I see Him in my past.

I see Him in my future.

When I laugh at the days to come, I simply see Him.

I would rather see Him in the mess than miss Him finished product.

Are you able to laugh at the days to come? 

In 30 days of wishful doing, I am learning to laugh at the days to come.

3 thoughts on “Day 17: She Laughs At The Days To Come

  1. I love how connected you are to God’s eyes! To be able, in the midst of work and chaos and pain and stress, to see Him at work within. I am both envious and inspired!

    I am always caught up in my surroundings, I miss being so close and connected to Him ♡ You are His gentle nudge to me to come closer, be quieter, to move slower.

    What a treasure you are to me Laura Jean Bell ♡

  2. Hey Laura-love reading all your writings! You mentioned childrens’ books in one of your posts-where can I buy them (or anything else you’ve written)? You have such a gift–thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hey Mrs. Luann! You’re so sweet! I have printed 2 books so far! If you are interested in having a copy I can get you a few. Just need your info! Private message me through Facebook and we can get that sorted! All the childrens’ books I have written are family stories condensed into childrens books. I have two more written, but they haven’t been illustrated yet! Let me know if you’re interested and Ill see what I can do 🙂

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