Day 25: I’ve Been Paintin’…

“I haven’t seen any Ivory Bell posts in a few days”

Words from my Dad Tuesday night as I barely kept my eyes open watching the news with him.

“I’ve been paintin'” I said.

Smears of Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore caked to my finger nails and smudged down my arms.

“Well… that’s what you’ve been “DOING”” he finished.

It is.

It is ALL that I have been doing for the last few days.

I am not one of those people who likes paint because I see a finished product… I hate it because it seems to never end.

Once you finish a wall, you have to paint the trim.

Once you finish that room, you have to paint the kitchen.

The list goes on.

But I still love it.

The things that I hate most, I still love knowing it is one step closer to making this bad boy a HOME.

It is small.

But is a so cute!

Yesterday Cody Bell finally knocked down that load bearing wall, inserted the header with the help of our sweet brother, Brighton, and it has made the place look even bigger! 

It’s amazing what happens when we move a wall.

The place is a mess.

SERIOUSLY can’t wait to clean it all up.

But for now, you see the real deal mess.

The water bottles strewn.

Cabinets in the painting process airing out to dry.

Plastic drop cloths and remnants of plaster that just beg you to spend hours cleaning. 

I am sad that I have missed a few days of telling you about wishful doing… 

But I’ve been paintin’. 

What have you been doing?

4 thoughts on “Day 25: I’ve Been Paintin’…

    1. There is a benjamin moore store on Atlanta Hwy! But I got mine matched at home depot for half the price!

  1. I love what you two do to a house in making it a home! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

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