Days 6&7: Get Soaked.

Recently it has been raining a lot in Alabama.

April showers bring May showers?? 

In fact the other day there was torrential down pour as I was frantically trying to get to the Montgomery Prayer Breakfast.

I had anxiety about what I was wearing, how I looked, and for alllll my curly headed ladies out there, we all know that when it rains outside, you hair is a hopeless cause.

I rushed through the house, down the interstate in horrible traffic and blinding rain, and found a parking spot.

I had to meet my husband there and I frantically got out of my car.

My rain coat hood wouldn’t go completely over my head , to which I later realized was because my side sling purse was weighing down a side of it.

I grabbed an umbrella and used it for extra strength as I ran down the hill of Dexter Avenue.

Halfway down the hill I went to grab my phone to call my sweet, selfless husband and realized it was in my car.

I was already frantic because I was on the verge of being late, I was in a terrible storm, I was soaking wet, I had NOTHING together…. you know those mornings.

I started running back to my car for my phone so that I could find my husband efficiently, without stress, HA!

As I was running towards my car, I crossed the street in front of a LOT of traffic and my umbrella flipped inside out, my dress blowing in a million directions, and the only thing I could do was talk to myself saying , “Do NOT have a panic attack, you are fine, do not panic, you will NOT have a panic attack today, you are okay, this is rain, those are strangers, if you are late the world will survive, in fact Laura you will survive, do NOT have a panic attack.”

I got my phone, found my husband, and probably gave the large crowd of people blissfully sitting in their morning commute traffic a big laugh.

I still hurried to the breakfast trying to escape the rain that had flooded my day.

I raced through it.

I panicked through it.

I struggle with anxiety a lot of days.

So rain never helps an anxious driver, a person who doesn’t want to be late, a person who doesn’t feel put together.

As I reflected on those moments this morning I laughed because how HILARIOUS did a 5’11, frizzy headed, woman look running through downtown Montgomery talking to herself?? 

But as I reflected the Lord stopped my thoughts and said, “My rain is a symbol of my spirit in your life. Stop running through it, somedays it’s worth getting soaked.”

I imagined standing in that rain.

I imagined getting soaked by the Holy Spirit.

I also saw a picture in my mind of myself standing there, talking myself out of a panic attack best that I could and realized that Jesus was there with me.

When my hair was imperfect, when I was all out of sorts, when anxiety had decided to be a companion, Jesus was there.

Holy Spirit was pouring down.

And even then, I was soaked by His presence.

Even when anxious thoughts suppressed my ability to even have a clear thought,

He was there.

This weekend, rain or shine.

Take a moment to soak these words and let Heaven drench you.

Nehemiah 2:4

And the King granted me what I asked, for the good hand of my God was upon me.”

Happy Wishful Weekend.

Do incredible things.

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