Delivering for Justice

We started out a venture to sell coffee on a downtown street corner on August 3, 2015.

The cart was a hit!

We got to meet hundreds of people and bring our coffee to multiple events.

colorboxphoto_12People came every day, some new faces and some familiar, but our hearts were SO thankful for those who came and gave their support.

IMG_3344We placed our cart on a corner where LOTS of folks have to walk by us on their way into work.

We realized right at the start that people loved having the *convenience* of a coffee pick-me-up right outside their office doors.

11855876_10206357311264113_904066235768605151_nThe convenience factor struck a chord within us that got us thinking of a *convenient* new idea.

IMG_3765What if we brought the coffee to your workplace?

Coffee every morning in canisters that keep the coffee hot for 12 hours and pick them up each afternoon!

Not just any coffee either, market town coffee.

Coffee that is roasted fresh every week and we promise you can taste the difference.

colorboxphoto_4We do more than sell coffee on the corner of downtown Montgomery…

We sell coffee to help others fight the injustice of Human Trafficking.

We have been able to help two organizations just in a few short months of business because of the purchases of coffee on the corner.

imageThink of how many more ways we can help fight Human Trafficking if your business/workplace let Market Town deliver coffee straight to your office!

We wouldn’t just be delivering coffee, we would be a delivery service for justice. 

11907188_1492584297705628_8357752724897187563_nLet us know what you think of our idea!

If you have any interest in having Market Town Coffee Company deliver coffee to your workplace, contact us at OR comment below!

5 thoughts on “Delivering for Justice

  1. I love this idea! I will start sharing this in my workplace and whenever I can fit it into a conversation. Praying blessings in Jesus Christ’s name upon this new venture. He is for you! He is for this mission and this coffee! Blessed be His name for how He gives us our confidence.

  2. This is an awesome idea!!!! Praying it takes off and in turn God continues to use you all as vessels to help others! Y’all are amazing! Praising God for his work within you.

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