Don’t Be Afraid to Fly

Elementary school was probably more traumatizing than most school years for me.

Me + School were never friends and I really didn’t handle conflict or bullying well.

I remember sitting down with my Dad one day.

I was complaining about 2nd grade drama, feeling defeated and believing the lies that they were speaking over me.

My Dad started telling me a story I’ll never forget. 

You see, good ole’ Grover grew up on a farm.  He was skilled in all things farming and has never for a moment been below excellent in his smarts and work ethic.

His family didn’t have much money, life was hard, but the dreams and visions that my Dad had for his future were beyond what seemed “possible” for him.

One day, while Dad was plowing a field, a “successful man” (as he put it for me as a 2nd grader) pulled up in a Porsche.  He was dressed in a fancy suit, slicked hair, and shiny shoes.

He and Dad struck up a conversation.  The man told Dad why he was passing through town, small talk streamed through, and the man attempted to get back in his car when Dad stopped him.

“Sir, I’m really interested in doing something like what you do one day. Do you have a card so maybe I could contact you one of these days to learn more?”

The man started laughing and looked my Dad square in the eyes

you plow boys don’t have nothin’ but a pocket full of dreams.”

He got in the car and sped away.

When Dad shared that (horribly depressing) story with me, he added this point.

Words define you if you make the choice to accept them as truth.

And Dad didn’t.

You see, it took years of hard times.

He spent years working jobs that he hated, he had things that he worked hard for start and fail, he watched dreams fall apart.

He faced adversity.

He climbed big mountains of frustration and disappointment.

But, being a “plow boy” never stopped him from fighting to be where he is today.

A Professor, successful business owner, land owner and farmer.

He wasn’t afraid of words, he was afraid of never trying. 

This lovely morning, no matter who you are, what you do for a living, what you look like, how much or little money you make,

Don’t be afraid to fly.

You have wings.

You have ability.

You have a beat in your heart.

You have a God who hand picked you to achieve the dreams inside your soul.

Some you believe that you were born without wings and you live in your own pity. 

Today you can choose to be a “plow boy with a pocket full of dreams”


a plow boy who achieved all of his dreams and more.

Don’t be afraid to fly.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Fly

  1. Love this great tribute to your Dad and achieving your dreams. Love your heart Laura! Keep writing. We are reading😊

  2. Great words of wisdom! All of your post are heavenly and so beautifully put together! It’s the God in you unfolding….. such awesomeness :-)!!
    Love you!!

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