Excellent Way

“Who wants to be excellent?” Mr. Brock asked the scholars as Valiant Cross Academy began the after school program.

“YA!” they responded with a united voice.

I really wanted to raise my hand high too! 🙂

But, I’m not so sure I would look as cool as the boys yelling “YA!” and throwing my arms up like Cam Newton.

IMG_4322I stood with my aunt, Kathy, in the back corner as we waited to tutor our students.

We both stood their smiling at the sweet response to all that was being discussed by the scholars during their devotional.

As we watched, I heard whispering behind me in the stairwell.

It was Mrs. Parks, the Languages Arts & Social Studies teacher.

As I turned, I saw her speaking with another tutor, when one of the scholars approached her.

The boy was clearly upset about something that had happened previously that day.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

He shrugged his shoulders.

Mrs. Parks looked at him and smiled and said “Well, look what I have!”

She pulled a piece of paper from around her back.

A graded quiz of 100 with his name on it. 

Anyone could see that Mrs. Parks was beside herself with pride for her student.

I could feel it, he could feel it.

It was so honest.

IMG_4327“You made a 100! Excellent job! Let’s keep this up, man. I’m so proud of you!” she said.

His sadness was slowly turning as he tried to mask the excitement of his good grade.

But there was no stopping that smile. 

He had been excellent in some form that day.

He had done something right.

IMG_4333Sometimes you need someone to ask you every day if you want to be excellent,

and then remind you that you are.

All it really takes to become excellent is to start with simply wanting to be.

and then,

Believing it.



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