Last July my sweet husband and I were interviewed by the local paper about our coffee cart!

It was a simple little article, really sweet and to the point about what we do and when we would open for business.

Our friends shared the article, blessing us and hoping to promote our adventure…

Within a few days of the article being released, days before even opening for business, we got an email.

“Hi my name is Dolly, I am mutual friends with one of your friends in Nashville and I saw the article she shared of your business.  I was wondering if I could go ahead and book you for my wedding next June.”

IMG_3658How on earth are we already getting event requests…. Do we even do events??

We decided to calculate the costs, figure out travel fees, and find a time to meet Dolly and her soon-to-be for a tasting.

It was a hit! IMG_6311So we marked our calendars for June 18, 2016 and proceeded with our new business in town!

Sure enough, time has flown by  and we came upon June 18th faster than we realized.

We loaded the truck, booked an AirBnB and hit the road!

We got up early the next morning for this fabulous brunch wedding at The Ruby.

IMG_6300 IMG_6301

IMG_6287Let me tell y’all, Dolly was truly one of those brides that glowed. 

It was so sweet to see how joyful and emotional she was to finally marry Ty.


#DollyTysTheKnotIMG_3662Everyone at this wedding was truly honored to be there, the bike made everyone ask the same question we always get “Can you actually ride this thing or… like… what?” we love telling people that we are hardcore and ride this thing around like it’s no big deal.

This fella was adorable and won me over in his bow tie + converse convo… #nashville.IMG_6281IMG_6283He was ready for his debut before I even took my camera out! What a man.

The lines of people wanting Cold Brew with their Chicken n Waffles was unbelievable… it felt like opening day of business all over again!

IMG_6274 IMG_6294I realized this past weekend, that the faithfulness of the Lord is not limited to my standards or understanding.

When we started our business, it was booming with lines for lots of coffee every day.

When winter months came, we had less business because of weather and transitioned our license to events only.

It was as if the Lord set it up before we realized it… with sweet Dolly & Ty.

We thought that selling coffee on the street would be our way of selling…

But the Lord knew more.

He loved us enough to partner with us before we knew we needed partnership.

Our business has been crazy blessed, a crazy adventure, and we hope the crazy never goes away.

God is crazy faithful, Y’all… somedays I’m humbled that He still picks me to love on and bless.

Dolly & Ty, it was a real treasure meeting you and watching you start a new life together, thank you for having us and asking us WAY in advance, congratulations to you both!

3 thoughts on “Faithful.

  1. You write a great interview. I think your business will thrive because of your outlook and trust and belief in the Lord. Gid’s blessings to you. Gina

  2. The adorable little guy in your pictures is my grandson. Thank you for the picture and for including him in your blog post. May God continue to bless your business.

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