February 15th

Valentine’s Day is so sweet isn’t it?

The flowers, the candy, the presents… they’re all so thoughtful.

If I’m being completely honest, Valentine’s Day has never been a big celebratory thing for me and my hubs.

We attempted celebration this year over dinner at home binge watching The Office and I made him take a picture with me… which he wasn’t thrilled about.

But he loves me anyways…


Plus, with a Grandmother whose birthday is the day before the day of love I have found that the last couple of Valentine’s Days have been spent celebrating her (which means eating loads of red velvet cake).

This Grandmother is my only grand still living and it seems as if every time we celebrate another year of her I value her and my family that much more.

We all gather at the old farmhouse where she resides and eat a big meal, share stories, laugh and laugh and laugh.

I even captured my sister getting tickled while I was trying to get decent lighting in the house..

look at that smile 🙂

The laughter seemed contagious that night that my mind began drifting to a place where I realized how quickly these moments can pass.

The moments where no body can fit into a picture and you’re all squeezed so tight you can’t stop laughing

The moment you see the chaos is settling but sweet moments are still happening…

When you willingly spend time outside to invite the newest member of the family into #farmlife even if it is so cold you can’t stand it.

When you realize how much love there really is to offer.

My weekend spent with all those who share a little bit of DNA with me taught me what it is that we are all really starving for in this life.


Why do we blow our money on this heart shaped holiday? 

Because even if it’s one day out of the year, it’s the day where we can talk about it, live it out, dote on our favorites, and eat so much chocolate with absolutely no judgement.


But I vote that this year be a year we think about February 15th.

The day after Valentine’s Day.

Another beautifully cold, winter day to say yes to loving people well.

To eating a proper amount of chocolate and maybe even sharing a piece.

To doting on your favorite person or blessing a stranger.

To telling the ones you’ve known for a lifetime how much you crazy love them.

Because the moments are fleeting, but love will seriously last forever.

Happy February 15th, you crazy love birds.

Keep loving people well. 

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