Generational Habits

Growing up, my mom would wake up hours before daylight to have her “coffee” time. I never understood why she would do it.  Was it really worth getting up 4 hours before you had to be anywhere? Did you HAVE to see the moon again? Must you always see the sunrise?

It literally never made sense to me. Everyday when I woke up, I would walk in the living room and there she was, wrapped up in her robe, religiously wearing her slippers (which she is very particular about), reading her bible, with a coffee cup in her hand. Side note: she only drinks from tiny coffee cups so that her coffee cup intake can be an absurd amount. She’s a wild one that Wendy.

Mom always claimed it was her alone time to become joyful before her babies woke up, which I always believed, she always gave the best hugs and had a lot of energy when we woke.   Today, we are all grown up, out from under her roof and payroll, and she’s still waking before the sun.

I always knew there was something more happening.

For 30 years now, my mom wakes before the sun to sit with Jesus.

It hit me today, this morning actually, when I willingly woke up at 5 am to sit with Jesus, that so much of what I have in this life is because of the fervent prayers of my mother. It is because she chose to wake up and sit with Him. Talk to Him. Ask of Him. Believe in Him.

She prayed for my sister when doctors told her she may never have children, two years later, my niece was born. 

She prayed for my Dad when the recession of ’09 hit him hard, he now sees the fruit of his labor.

She prayed for my sister to find peace after the loss of a close friend, She’s in her calm after the storm.

She prayed me through a season of anxiety and unknown, I’m walking a path of peace.

She prayed for all three of us (me and my sisters) to find Godly husbands, we are living in marital bliss.


Today is Ash Wednesday.  Not everyone pursues the Lent season, but this year my husband and I are.  We are spending 40 days in fervent prayer over all that God places on our hearts.

 AND…There is this unbelievable desire to wake up every morning, drink Bell Blend and sit with Jesus. 

Today, I am thankful for generational habits and a Mom who never stops trusting drinking coffee with Jesus.

*You should wake up with Bell Blend too! You can buy it under the coffee shop tab :)*

8 thoughts on “Generational Habits

  1. I have wandered away from those types of habits and am in desperate need of getting back to it. Thank you for such a sweet reminder and encouragement to do it!! I don’t know about you but I tend to over think time with Jesus. It has to be the right location, time and supplies. Coffee with Jesus is simply perfect!!!! Totally love this post!

    1. I feel blessed to know Wendy Plunkett. She reminds me so of my mother with her waking up and having time with Jesus. Thank you Laura
      for sharing such beautiful thoughts of her!

  2. Having grown up with your dad, I have always had the utmost respect for the whole Plunkett clan. They exemplified the best of every good character trait of a loving, Christian family. We ALL wanted to be a part of their family….and your wonderful grandparents always made everyone feel like they were. Wendy has always been the most gracious, beautiful southern lady. We all knew the first time we met her that they were the perfect match. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she sits down with Jesus every morning before starting her day. It shows.

  3. Being the wife of an entrepreneur is not the easiest life ambition a woman can take on. I have dragged Wendy through all the roller coaster rides that comes with self employment. When one reflects on all those years retrospectively, it would be easy to imagine that the successes are the payoff for hard work and determination. To be sure, the real hard work was getting Wendy to say “I do”. The success is truly a result of having someone praying for you everyday.

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