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8 thoughts on “Generational Habits

  1. I have wandered away from those types of habits and am in desperate need of getting back to it. Thank you for such a sweet reminder and encouragement to do it!! I don’t know about you but I tend to over think time with Jesus. It has to be the right location, time and supplies. Coffee with Jesus is simply perfect!!!! Totally love this post!

  2. Having grown up with your dad, I have always had the utmost respect for the whole Plunkett clan. They exemplified the best of every good character trait of a loving, Christian family. We ALL wanted to be a part of their family….and your wonderful grandparents always made everyone feel like they were. Wendy has always been the most gracious, beautiful southern lady. We all knew the first time we met her that they were the perfect match. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she sits down with Jesus every morning before starting her day. It shows.

  3. Being the wife of an entrepreneur is not the easiest life ambition a woman can take on. I have dragged Wendy through all the roller coaster rides that comes with self employment. When one reflects on all those years retrospectively, it would be easy to imagine that the successes are the payoff for hard work and determination. To be sure, the real hard work was getting Wendy to say “I do”. The success is truly a result of having someone praying for you everyday.

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