You’re Worth It

 This holiday season called for family time + travel time.

There was a lot of togetherness with my siblings, in laws, and extended families,

but with every moment, during every holiday (Thanksgiving + Christmas), I learned something new about them and myself.

IMG_3865In the year 2015, so many things happened within my family.

Joyful, big deal things.

Somedays, difficult, big deal things.

Lots of big deal things.

IMG_3841It was over the holidays when I realized that in the midst of every moment,

we had one another.

I had so much support from my people in 2015 I could bust.

The kind of the love and kindness that if I thought about it too much, I would just cry all. the. time.

IMG_3884A little saying that my Dad seems to repeat over and over,

“you mean to tell me you are going to let one person tell you that you can’t do something? AND you believed them? I know you can do it and so does the Lord.”

IMG_4028He says this little saying over and over because this little saying was said over and over to him by my Grandfather.

It seems so basic, so simple, but there is something about that that strikes me.

He isn’t just talking about other people telling you that you are incapable of experiencing big deal experiences.

He is talking about that little voice in your head that tells you no.

That little voice that reminds you of your fears, anxieties, insecurities, and weakness.


He is reminding us (all my fam jam) that we are capable of far more than we ever imagined.

He is reminding us that the Lord sets you free to accomplish things that He created you to accomplish.

He is reminding us that we were made to have divine purpose, which is meant to be accomplished on earth.


I think far too often we don’t really feel known, understood, or valued by others or even ourselves. 

So, we push to prove ourselves to the world, to make people notice us, to give ourselves a name or a place in society, or all together…

we try to be someone else.


No matter how exhausting, emotional, joyful, exciting, or scary life may become,

we have so much freedom to use our unique gifts, time, and resources to make an impact that lasts for eternity…

not to prove you’re worth something,

but because you’re worth EVERYTHING to God.

So with all you are worth, what are your goals for 2016?

I would love to know 🙂

5 thoughts on “You’re Worth It

  1. To become less about self and more about Him. The use of our time turns into multiple decision making. One of my goals is to give Him more of my time in worship, prayer, and service to others.Service in little ways and big ways hopefully.

  2. I want to write my book….my women’s Bible study…I have a grandson coming..I want to be the grandmother like you had…so many thankful! You are precious!!

  3. Oh how I love this!! Soo true! And Paka Doc aka Uncle Doc to me.. would be Extremely PROUD of each of you! And I know that my Precious Aunt Irue is! I love the pictures and the reading!

  4. Daddy believed he could do anything and taught us to believe in ourselves, but trust in God. I am so proud of my girls and the wonderful young men they brought to our family. Papa Dock would be thrilled to see all you have accomplished!! He would often say, “you can’t hold them girls back, they got too much ‘get up and go to ’em’. “!!

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