Good, Good Father

We rise early in the Bell house, 4 A.M. to be exact.

I don’t care who you are, that’s early, and difficult to do daily.

We have our routine.

Pre. set. coffee.

My feet shuffle to the kitchen, and most mornings I pour a cup with my eyes closed, they are simply just too heavy to stay open.

I sip coffee and brew what we sell that day while Cody Bell, the most handsome of them all, pulls together all the supplies and loads the truck.

But what we always start with, no matter our job, no matter our blurry, tired eyes, no matter if we hit snooze two times too many, 

we. worship.


Really what it is is a playlist, the same one everyday, on YouTube.

Good, Good Father.

It is always what wakes us and stirs our hearts.

It plays twice through. We don’t know why, we never question it.

I just sit in my big blue chair, watch coffee drip, and most mornings I can’t get through the first line without welling up with alligator tears.

Oh, I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think you’re like
but I’ve heard the tender whisper
of love in the dead of night
You tell me that you’re pleased
and that I’m never alone

but morning by morning, Jesus meets us.

In our small apartment of newly-wedded-ness.

He meets us with our tired bodies and says ‘keep going, I’m right here.’

He meets us with our irritation, He meets us with our success, He meets us with our mess-ups, and He meets us with our joy.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, We can face tomorrow.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, We can wake up at 4 am to sell coffee and fight Human Trafficking.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, We can trust that He will meet our needs daily.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, you can trust that He is present in your pain.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, you can trust that He will show you what to do with your life.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, you can trust that His approval is Greater than approval of man.

Because He is a Good, Good Father, you can trust that He is protective of your joy, for it is what makes you strong.

He loves you.

He sees you.

He seeks you.

He meets you.

He finds you.

It’s WHO. HE. IS.

He is a Good, Good Father… x2.

6 thoughts on “Good, Good Father

  1. Yes, He is. A good, good Father who meets us right where we are at. Believing today that He meets you two in that apartment. Meets me in the middle of single and special parenting. Meets all of us on that little corner in downtown Montgomery… where He stands ready to meet many more… on many corners that are not quite as lovely as that one. Where threats loom and danger prevails, may our Lord be made KNOWN and answers come pouring through with more force than evil can ever have on hand. Simply because He meets us.

  2. I believe that you wrote this just for me!! Oh friend, things have been so nuts since returning home, an emotional roller coaster! The enemy is on the move and we are feeling weak! I know that we need to do this with and through God, but as a couple, we just seem to refuse to take that step! Please pray that I would be bold and not wait for him to make the move and please pray that God would stir his spirit to move towards Him. Alabama and business isn’t going to happen unless we finally put God where He deserves, desires and longs to be! Thank you for sharing this beautiful message <3 You are such a blessing to me!

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