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6 thoughts on “Good, Good Father

  1. Yes, He is. A good, good Father who meets us right where we are at. Believing today that He meets you two in that apartment. Meets me in the middle of single and special parenting. Meets all of us on that little corner in downtown Montgomery… where He stands ready to meet many more… on many corners that are not quite as lovely as that one. Where threats loom and danger prevails, may our Lord be made KNOWN and answers come pouring through with more force than evil can ever have on hand. Simply because He meets us.

  2. I believe that you wrote this just for me!! Oh friend, things have been so nuts since returning home, an emotional roller coaster! The enemy is on the move and we are feeling weak! I know that we need to do this with and through God, but as a couple, we just seem to refuse to take that step! Please pray that I would be bold and not wait for him to make the move and please pray that God would stir his spirit to move towards Him. Alabama and business isn’t going to happen unless we finally put God where He deserves, desires and longs to be! Thank you for sharing this beautiful message <3 You are such a blessing to me!

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