Happy Anniversary MTCC.

It was a morning that was set for a thunderstorm but instead came with unlikely cool weather for an August day in South Alabama.

Cody Bell and I spent weeks promoting the coming of our little business and opening day came faster than we thought it would, but we weren’t upset in the least about it.


My parents slipped into our little apartment around 5 am that morning to help us kick start the day and take pictures of us like it was our first day of Kindergarten all over again. 

We promoted all over social media about this grand opening and couldn’t get ourselves to our little corner fast enough.

colorboxphoto_9-2We were at our spot, barely open, when our friend and fellow food truck owner drives by… we could hear her screaming with excitement before we actually saw her mini van pass us by.

11781855_1180532731963354_1620536956098167734_n(one of my mama’s drive by “LouLou look over here and smiiillleee”)

We had friends line up for coffee, encouraging us, praying for us, and loving us and our business really well.

We got crazy looks from the folks who worked in the tower we resided outside of… Little did they know we would become great friends.

The new stations debuted us multiple times, bringing us more traffic than we even anticipated or prayed for.

11825150_10206358799941329_6605303762714127793_n11800526_10103377326507675_6985353404462714518_n(notice me and cody bell keeping it real awkward with our matching “I’m so nervous ill just cross my arms” arm cross.)

We met the homeless of downtown Montgomery, the artists, the politicians, tourists, teachers, and state workers.

People would stop and ask us questions, sometimes they would sit with us or our co workers and ask for prayers.

We would find ourselves doing more than selling coffee or selling Jennie Weller treats, but rather meeting the community we live in and learning how immaculate their hearts really are 🙂

We trained ourselves to nod and laugh as the public occasionally liked to mention how horribly hot it was outside as they made their way into AC, while we let our pours sweat every ounce of sweat we have ever had in the Alabama heat.

It was all for the cause and totally worth it.

11903737_1489029724727752_3992566793674359622_n11990591_10206546045742357_4654660230393503222_nWe gave away over $1,000 in funds to organizations and gathered christmas presents for victims of human trafficking.

The community in Montgomery really rallied around loving the victims of human trafficking in the Christmas season and gave so willingly, giving us the opportunity to travel, meet the women who are being healed and cared for, and share what our city chose to give back to them!

IMG_4207 (1) IMG_4230 IMG_4240

We were given opportunity to speak at a local college and share our coffee with their students.

11870751_10206133448507806_3458508271573051680_nEvery 5k that ever happened from August 2015-August 2016 (well a lot of them..), we were invited and the runners really appreciated that extra ounce of energy.

13102755_10207872101653048_1366704574312932638_n12508823_1124336574267907_3635033788470671247_nEvery day felt like a different adventure, a day of opportunity, and was so much fun.

We would spend hours talking with folks and learning their hearts, where they were from, and what they dreamed of.

We met tourists from all over the country who came to experience our city.

IMG_0010(this group^was from New Hampshire and had our cart featured in their local paper… do we serve a crazy cool Father or what?)

We partied with the City of Montgomery as we transitioned into the year 2016 and we really think we were a hit… well maybe we were just photographers, but either way, new relationships were formed.


We catered coffee to a local pop-up holiday shop and eventually were invited to participate with Southern Makers.

13072861_10103975027779535_8262978587385716009_oIMG_6018The idea of events struck a chord within our customers leading us into the event part of our business. We started catering weddings and transitioned our business to events only, giving us opportunity to travel and meet new people.

We catered in Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama and even had an inquiry from Dublin, Ireland… oh you know, just a hop, skip and jump across the pond.

13718526_10100674010899261_187466845518978811_n 12239670_10105681206897768_5227632958120600379_n

Our co-workers became our best friends, well really, they became our family.

IMG_0006IMG_0007IMG_0011IMG_0012We watched them get engaged and get married… they even wanted MTCC at their wedding… they just couldn’t resist. 🙂


13879419_10154224547120605_8211866058589105431_nWe celebrated their wedding days, being honored to be in their wedding parties and stand by their sides as they married who God chose for them.

13879295_10154224506705605_3011111304505362370_n IMG_0013

God, in His infinite kindness has done more than we could have ever dreamed of with Market Town Coffee Company.

He gave us a family.

He gave us a community.

He gave us customers.

He invited us to events.

He taught us to be tough.

He taught us to rest.

He gave us grace in hiccups.

He gave us humility in victory.

In one year with Market Town Coffee Company, we have experienced extreme high and extreme low.

But in one year with our little business, we have gained more than we could have ever imagined, we have been taken through an extreme journey to discover more than just business skills, but rather the beauty of waiting, willingly following what God has asked of us.

It is in the places of willingness that we find rest in the character of who He is.

I am humbled to be a co-owner with my incredible, hardworking husband.

I am beyond blessed by the connections and friendships made.

I am completely blown away at the Kindness of the Lord in just one year of business.

If you have a dream, whether a coffee cart or a cruise ship, follow it, pursue it, and I promise Jesus will take you further than you will ever imagine and it will look nothing like you plannedbut that’s the best part. 

Happy Anniversary Market Town Coffee Company, you have given the best adventure.

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  1. After reading this, I cannot help but be reminded of Lamentations 3:22-23, “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” He is so faithful in the small things. These small mercies He has had throughout this past year with you guys (and us all as we have joyfully walked beside you in life) have come together to paint such a beautiful picture of His heart for us all. Love you and Tody!! And of course, I love me some MTCC!!!

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