If you had asked me…

If you had asked me a year and a half ago where I would be in a year and a half, I never would have imagined the life that has been cultivated in such a time.

I would have guessed that I would be an English Teacher and Cody would be at his current job.

I would have said I would still be living in a trailer in Fitzpatrick, Alabama.


I would have told you that starting a business … or two… would never be something I would ever EVER NEVER EVER DO.

I would have told you that working more than one job was crazy.

I would have told you that I didn’t think I would have needed Jesus more than I did then… but I need HIM even more now than I ever imagined.

I would have told you that my friendships would all be the same and that I wouldn’t meet that many new people.

I would have told you that nothing about marriage would be hard.

I would have told you that life would be less complicated as an adult.

But as life would have it, nothing went as I had planned.

Life became a roller coaster of difficult battles to triumph, businesses to start, moving from a trailer to an apartment to a house, and in the midst of it feeling more love for a husband that walked humbly and patiently through it all with me… and I was wrong… marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done, but the best decision I’ve ever made.


About a week ago, on a quiet night in the Bell House, my favorite man and I sat together at our little, round, oak table and processed through the last year and a half of our marriage.

The crazy… and I mean CRAZY things we did to start businesses, to make ends meet, or just to simply have a date.

We talked about our decision to start roasting coffee…

When we started roasting coffee we used popcorn poppers… Do y’all know how long it takes to roast coffee on a popcorn popper? Trust us, you don’t know want to. It will make you feel sorry for us!

We talked about our first months of marriage living in a trailer.

We laughed and laughed and laughed and LAUGHED at the ridiculous arguments, the sleepless nights working, and the things we did to scrape by.


We started roasting our own coffee and even had a cute little stamp on the bags.

Our bagged coffee got SO popular that we decided to brand it with a name that can carry multiple different roasts and blends of coffee.

changing it from Bell Blend to Goat Hill Coffee 


We got to buy a big coffee roaster so we could sell more coffee with less time on our end.

While we laughed I looked into the eyes of the man I love more than all of myself and thought…

If you had asked me then if this was the life I would have imagined, I would have said no.

But that’s the best thing about life.

You can’t travel through time to see the outcome.

You can’t appreciate the outcome without the journey.

You can’t see the beauty without looking back at the process.

If you had asked me last week if I would do it all over again, I would have said YES… a million more times.

If I knew then what I know now, the journey would be far less exhilarating and the goodness of the Lord would not have be as evident as it is now.


If you’re reading this, if you are asking the questions “What in the world is happening to me?”

I guarantee that you are about to experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Because today He wants to bless you,

in the easy and the difficult,

in the employment or unemployment,

in the risk or in the security.

If you ask me, God loves you, and wants to take you for a wild journey to meet Him face to face.

If you have any interest in trying Goat Hill Coffee , click on the link and get yourself a bag.

if you ask me, it’s the best coffee in town. 

One thought on “If you had asked me…

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been needing to read during this “season” of my life. Thank you for your candid and honest blog posts because they are just what I need.

    – Hannah

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