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14 thoughts on “Letters from Lee

  1. Your posts are so wonderful Laura Jean!! I particularly love this one. I was just thinking about a few people last night that I needed to reach out to!! Thanks for the confirmation!!

  2. When we lived in Germany 24 years ago (pre- cell phones or e-mail in our family), letters were a lifeline that connected me with “home”. Now they are a rare and special treat. Thanks for sharing, and for honoring June!

  3. After reading your article, Laura, I sent 3 cards that I had only thought of sending. Thanks for the encouragement. I know your Mom and Dad are so proud of you.

  4. It was no coincidence that I ran into you Sunday. I needed to read your wonderful story. Miss June always been one of my teachers in this life. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and reminding me to take time to keep in touch in this special way.

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