Letters from Lee

My college career and plans were interrupted when God changed my location. I had big plans to move away from Montgomery, Alabama and never return.  So I moved to Nashville, and before I could blink, life pulled me right back to where I ran from.


I had to adjust to a new school, with new people who had already settled into their friend groups and schedule.  It was a transition that was occasionally hard to navigate with joy.

I found this friend though. She and I had been in church together my whole life, but I never really treasured who she was.

*But she treasured me.*


Her name is June.

June would have me over for snacks and coffee. We would sit in her little apartment for hours while she told me story after story that left my heart completely uplifted.  On days where I felt insanely lonely, I would call June and we would visit.  She really is one of my best good friends. June gave me a break from all my transitions in life.  She shared her time, her cooking, and her coffee with me, even her letters from Lee.


Lee Dillard was June’s husband.  He died the year I was born, but their love story could seriously be the next box office hit. They married during the second of the world wars and just days after they wed, he left to fight for our freedom. He was gone for nearly two years, and all they had to communicate with was a paper and pen. The jewel she always waited for? Letters from Lee. She treasured them and still keeps them in a hat box in her closet.

Did I mention June and I are 67 years apart? 🙂

You see, June writes letters too. They are the sweetest , almost as sweet at her short bread cookies!

Her letters are heart felt and kind.  They are written for any occasion, with perfect penmanship and words that keep you going.


I always felt like letters were pretty pointless. I have a cell phone that can write a”letter” in less than a minute, but spending time with June changed my mind.  I love that intentionality was all her generation had.  Letter writing kept their relationships alive and their hearts growing fonder of each other.

Don’t you desire intentionality? For a moment where you can read a letter and know that it took someone time to write, stamp, seal, and mail? I know I do. June teaches me about loving people with intention, even with a coffee cup in hand.


I know it takes time, but pick a person this week to write a letter to or even put your cell phone down for. June was worth it to Lee, make someone else worth it you.

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Write a “khard” this week and have someone over for some Bell Blend coffee 🙂

14 thoughts on “Letters from Lee

  1. Your posts are so wonderful Laura Jean!! I particularly love this one. I was just thinking about a few people last night that I needed to reach out to!! Thanks for the confirmation!!

  2. Tears. There have been people on my mind that I have been meaning to write a “hand written” letter to. I think God spoke through you to tell me to get on it! Beautifully written about an incredible lady. Thank you.

  3. When we lived in Germany 24 years ago (pre- cell phones or e-mail in our family), letters were a lifeline that connected me with “home”. Now they are a rare and special treat. Thanks for sharing, and for honoring June!

  4. After reading your article, Laura, I sent 3 cards that I had only thought of sending. Thanks for the encouragement. I know your Mom and Dad are so proud of you.

  5. How perfectly sweet. Brought back my own memories of June from being my VBS teacher when I would come to visit Granny and Gramp to Lee preaching Gramp’s funeral. Please give her a big hug from me! And keep up the reflections!

  6. It was no coincidence that I ran into you Sunday. I needed to read your wonderful story. Miss June always been one of my teachers in this life. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and reminding me to take time to keep in touch in this special way.

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