Lose the Ingredients: thoughts on baking + life.

I have found in recent weeks that I’ve struggled to find words to write or pictures to take.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why except that maybe perfectionism creeped into my system without me really knowing it.

I dipped out of writing stories or thoughts because in all honesty it seemed as if they weren’t “perfect”.

As weeks have flown by I have found that the more I have pursued this idea of getting everything perfect before approaching, the more chaotic life has felt.

Formulas for perfection can ultimately destroy every creative avenue that life could possibly offer.

So, yesterday, when feeling anxious and overwhelmed,

I decided to bake.

IMG_7136I took my favorite simple recipe and threw it together as fast as I could.

2 eggs.

1/2 cup of oil.

1 box of your favorite cake mix.


You won’t find the ingredients for cake batter cookies on the back of the box and quite frankly, I don’t remember when or where I learned this recipe, but it is absolute gold.

IMG_7148While mixing the ingredients together this phrase began to ring through my head

“lose the ingredients”

It replayed itself over and over until it had me thinking…


Forget what the back of the box says, those instructions are complicated. 

If you are anything like me, you want to know a step by step of how something should go,

but I have found that when I chase after the step by step, I run into fear.

I stop pursuing what I love, I focus on the darkness and grief that has recently engulfed our nation, and I genuinely stop living a life that is full.

When fear is present, love is absent.

So when I fear that I am doing it all wrong, I stop loving myself enough to give anything a try.

If I am not careful, I could even start resenting the people who are pursuing it all.

IMG_7205While at lunch with a friend, she looked at me and said “Maybe you don’t need to keep seeking out all the answers to figure out what to do with your life… I think that you already know but don’t trust yourself enough to try.”

IMG_7169Lose the idea that you’re not doing it right and do what you know works in your life.

Maybe you are the only one who knows the ingredients for the best version of yourself.

So stop searching and start doing.

Life is too short for complicated instructions.

Lose the ingredients and bake some cookies.

Cake Batter Cookie Recipe: 


1 box of favorite cake batter

1/2 cup of oil

2 eggs


mix ingredients, your mix should turn into a dough.

roll dough into balls and place on baking sheet.

bake at 350 for 8 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Lose the Ingredients: thoughts on baking + life.

  1. Speaking my language and directly to my spirit. Ugh – resenting the people who are pursuing it…..yep, I’m there and I’m resenting the people that I “think” are the cause of my stale state. I’m a hot mess friend! So thankful for your honest words ❤ I have to bake some cookies!

  2. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed your writings until today when I realized you had not blogged. Please don’t do that again. You spoke right to me today. I have suffered with “perfection” issues most of my 65years of life. Trust me, it’s a waste of everything -life!. Glad you are back!. Keep up the great work!

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