LOVE is spelled 5 1 0 4

The day is creeping up.  You know, THE day. The day of the year where everyone “oo’s” and “ah’s” over teddy bears, everything red, boxes of chocolate, red roses, and fancy dinners. The day that some might even try to throw a parks and rec Galentine’s Day. It’s the day of the year that we go crazy and honestly, we can’t help it.  It is all about what WE are going to do.  We become OBSESSED with what I am going to do, how I am going to be celebrated, how many chocolates am I going to get?

Well, It makes me wonder about the real meaning behind Valentine’s Day.  NO, I am not about give you a history lesson about Cupid or his arrows.  I am a little curious though, how often we are thinking about each other and the people that we love most on Valentine’s day, let alone, every day.

Are we thinking about the people that mean most to us? Our closest friends, our family, even the cashier at Winn Dixie?

Last night I had a girls night with 2 out of my 3 college roommates.  We made homemade pizza, ate Bell Blend Chocolate Toffee   watched the latest episode of Scandal, and literally laughed so hard I had a sore throat and a tummy ache.  Those girls sure know how to make my life a little brighter.


In the midst of baking our pizza, the third roommate (who currently lives in Jacksonville, FL) called me.  We put her on speaker phone and it was just like the old days.  We were making jokes and making more memories.  When the four of us are together, it’s like nothing has changed.


It wasn’t even a year ago that those Ivories were my roommates in Apt 5104 at Faulkner University.  We were the loudest 4 girls on campus.  We ran together, we cried together, we drank ALOT of COFFEE together (so much that we broke our coffee pot.. twice.), we got frustrated and sometimes down right mad at one another, but all in all, we LOVED the snot out of each other.  Life was easier because of them.


It was like a hard ball of emotion on graduation day.  Packing up and moving out of Apt 5104 was devastating.  We watched it happen.  We watched as hour by hour furniture, clothes, and bedding were slowly making their way out of the apartment and into the vehicle that took us to the next season of life.


I remember cleaning off my desk in my bedroom, putting pictures of memories from that past 4 years into a box I mustered out of the cafeteria recycling bin, and tears started rolling down my face.  You know the heavy tears? The ones that make ugly cry? That was me, huddled up in the corner of Bedroom B.  Abbey, our current Jacksonville roomie, walked by and saw me.  She walked over, crouched down behind me and wrapped me up in a huge hug.  “I know, it sucks, but it has to happen, we have to keep going.”


We did. We had to keep going.  We had to step out into the unknown with our heads held high and our fingers crossed for greatness.  We had spent 4 years fighting to make it to this point and all of the sudden we were blinded by the reality that we had NO IDEA what we were going to do.  All of us had separate paths, and none of them made sense.


Here we are, 9 months later.  We are all finished with school, working jobs that we never pictured ourselves taking, and taking life one terrifying day at a time.  These chicks though, well they love me. They teach me.  They teach me how to fight for happiness in life, how to pursue greatness with Jesus, and how to love… they spell it out for me


Don’t lose sight of today.  Don’t misunderstand the month of February and all of the pressure that comes with the 14th day of it.  Think of how love is really spelled out for you.  Who in your life has more to offer you than a teddy bear and red roses?  Treasure them, then… share the love with those who don’t have that.

*stay tuned on how the Bell’s are spending Valentines week*

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5 thoughts on “LOVE is spelled 5 1 0 4

  1. I’m so thankful for you Jean Bean and our 5104 apartment!! Your words really hit home with me. I’ve read this again and now am crying… Thanks a lot haha. I cannot wait to see where God’s Spirit leads you next with this blog! You’re beautiful (just felt like you needed to hear that too). Haha thanks for accepting my randomness!!

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