Market Town Coffee Company

I know very few people who don’t like coffee.

It’s a way to make friendships flourish, it’s a meeting place for school projects, it’s the addictive drink of the procrastinating college student, it’s the only drink that drags my tail out of bed every morning, and seems to be the source of comfort to the blessed souls who have a winter that lasts LONGER than a month.

God Bless Alabama. Amen?

IMG_3755My favorite Cody Bell came home one day with a wild idea…

“What if we had a cart?”

“A cart of what?”


And that was that. He went searching, I doubted he would find anything and joyfully went along my merry way.

But of course, he found it.

I must say too, its adorbs.

(I feel like abbreviations for adorable really captures its cuteness.)

Am I right?

IMG_3765I literally cannot even stand how cute it is.

Cody has been planning and pulling together this business for as long as our marriage and I am beyond excited to share with you today about Market Town Coffee Company.

But first,

watch this video. It’s less than a minute and worth every second 🙂


If you haven’t heard of Two Hawks Productions, well, they’re AMAZE and put together this trailer for us to share our business with you.


^^^Thats our corner 🙂

So you watched it.

And now you know, a missional coffee company. Simple.

We want to see a continuation of growth in our city.

We want to see the way our city can come together for something bigger than ourselves.

image5How cool will it be to see people joining together for a cause, NOT because something offensive happened or tragedy struck.

Thats our vision.

To rally together to help PEOPLE.

Human trafficking is rampant.

It’s sickening.

But there are SO many ways that we can help!

With our cart, we will give monthly donations to organizations who are fighting human trafficking.

Starting in Alabama, then the nation, eventually the globe.

image2Isn’t that awesome?

We are so excited about what is about to happen.

Your part is simple.

Come to the corner of N. Lawrence and Monroe street every business day.

We will be parked there.

Selling the city’s best coffee to the worlds best people.

You get to be a part of a cause just by drinking coffee.

image1Come find us.


We seriously can’t WAIT to meet you.

4 thoughts on “Market Town Coffee Company

  1. Super idea Cody and Laura….you two never cease to amaze me at the ideas and vision you two dream up! May God bless you in the new venture!

  2. This is so great! So excited for you both! I know God will bless this business beyond your greatest dreams!

  3. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! May God continue to bless your hearts and your work as you move to bring blessings to Montgomery!

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