Hello there! I’m Laura Jean Bell, a Montgomery, Alabama dweller and story teller. Being raised in the deep south with a family that thrived on story telling, I want to continue that tradition in this space. To share stories that encourage, motivate, bless, and inspire us to live our best lives.  We all love stories, because stories have an answer, they give us insight, they help us remember what we experienced, the good and the bad, and that we survived.    
 I married my high school sweetheart just a week after we graduated from college. He owns and operates a coffee roasting company (Goat Hill Coffee) and runs a foundation repair company with my family. Together we have renovated homes, moved dozens of times, traveled the country, worked crazy jobs and hours, yet our favorite thing is sipping coffee together in the middle of our tiny home.  My man is a dreamer + dreamy, kind and the best person I’ve ever known. His heart is fascinating and I never want to stop searching it. The man tirelessly and selflessly supports me, he’s my very best! Recently we renovated a duplex built in 1948. We live on one side and my sister + Brother in love, along with my 2 nephews live on the other. Life is a constant adventure for us, full of a lot of laughter and meals around a supper table. I wouldn’t trade it, ever. Because every adventure is a memory made and another story to be told


Ivory is a rarity, hard to find and held precious when obtained. Every person is an Ivory. There is not one person the same and all are desired by the One who created them. I desire community at its finest and pursue it with diligence. I love capturing the events of my life and others lives to share and inspire. People are God’s ivories, precious, intricate, and held so close.  I want to find those people, learn from them, and capture who they are.