Hello there! I’m Laura Jean Bell, a Montgomery, Alabama dweller and story teller. A lover of coffee, Cody Bell, and King Jesus. As a co-owner with my husband of TWO coffee businesses, an employee of a non-profit urban ministry called Common Ground Montgomery, and a free-lance writer, I would say my life is pretty busy. We clearly are coffee snobs and are really good at binge-watching Netflix when we have a spare moment to breathe. 
 I married my high school sweetheart just a week after we graduated from college. When he isn’t working for a workman’s comp insurance company, he can be found with his cup of coffee, listening to endless amounts of the Avett Brothers loudly and attempting to keep up with his highly energetic wife. He’s a dreamer and a do-er. His heart is fascinating and I never want to stop searching it. The man tirelessly and selflessly supports me, he’s my very best!


Ivory is a rarity, hard to find and held precious when obtained. Every person is an Ivory. There is not one person the same and all are desired by the One who created them. I desire community at its finest and pursue it with diligence. I love capturing the events of my life and others lives to share and inspire. People are God’s ivories, precious, intricate, and held so close.  I want to find those people, learn from them, and capture who they are.