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6 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Love! You always remind me to remember; old friends, times with family or how much our Sweet Jesus loves us, you always stir my heart and mind! I love that about you and your blog. It truly is your heart in words and it’s a blessing!

  2. Well Jean Bean you did it again… Your words brought me to tears. I was holding up so well until those last few sentences. Laughing out loud as I return from yet another recruiting trip for Faulkner U… Remembering you and Kayla making that flying noise. I couldn’t ever make it but I could powerwalk with stuff arms like the best human plane ever!! And remember…. Mermaids were meant to swim.

  3. Another beautiful blog! Always hold on to those beautiful memories. When you are all older and once again meeting at your favorite place, you will all be 22 again; laughing, giggling like college kids forgetting you are grandparents! (Did I just say that)?
    You will have all these memories to share with your children and grandchildren. They are forever embedded in your memory.

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