Never Forget

It is pretty much possible that all last week I lived in memory.

I reminisced on the days of old and had that little twinge of sad in my belly.

I don’t miss college, but this week, I missed the happy memories of it.

I spent my entire week helping my old social club perfect their Jamboree show. For those of you who don’t know what Jamboree is, let me help you.

DIY costumes, makeup, dance moves, cheers, acting, pop music, no sleep ever, girls AND boys wear make up, complete club bonding

Major competition, all for a trophy.

This year my sweet club did Aladdin, and y’all it was the CUTEST.





I got to see old friends who have gone on their way, but made it back for jamboree. We were able to catch up and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH at the days when it was us doing all of this non-sense. Jamboree is the a place where friendships are created and bonds are formed. All those crazy alums that showed up this week were my sweet friends all because of that one season in our lives.





Oh and did I mention that they won???!!!! 🙂


BUT, let me tell you, the moment that captured me most was my coffee date with my three best friends.  The three girls who shared campus bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and ate yucky caf food with me.  They went to chapel with me, and squeezed through the doors of college curfew.  We would run across campus and pretend we were flying, and we loved when people stared with judgement in their eyes. We did jamboree together and even competed with one another.  They experienced my deepest pains and rejoiced with my wildest joys.  These girls, they were my people.  Today, life has changed us, naturally, but our memories hold us tight.



(btw, this is my favorite shot of Kay.  I accidentally snapped a picture, and there is her beautiful awkward smile lighting up the shot.)

also, the bride to be…

I didn’t have a big friend group in college like everyone else, but I had these girls. They were and still are my rock.

Our sweetest Abbey is getting married in October and so in the forty-five minutes we had to catch up before Jamboree 2015 began, we talked all things weddings, and laughed as Abbey chowed down on Taco Bell… nothing has changed.


We sat in a cold Coffee Hut that rests across the street from the Campus that brought us all together.  A few times I glanced across to see that tip of the business building and it made me thankful for that place.  I never thought I would have thankfulness within me for Faulkner, but I do. I thank Faulkner for these girls and the memories we have together.


Our lives have put us all over the map and pulled us in so many directions. But the memories we made are what never let us go. I love that life goes on.  There are days when it hurts to accept that phrase, but if life didn’t move on, we wouldn’t have the memories to remember.

I can’t wait for what else happens in this life. I want to keep remembering with all my people until we all sit at the feet of Jesus, and remember what He did for all of us.

I can see Him looking at all of us, with a smile on His face and saying, “I always remembered you.”

Never forget.

6 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Love! You always remind me to remember; old friends, times with family or how much our Sweet Jesus loves us, you always stir my heart and mind! I love that about you and your blog. It truly is your heart in words and it’s a blessing!

  2. Well Jean Bean you did it again… Your words brought me to tears. I was holding up so well until those last few sentences. Laughing out loud as I return from yet another recruiting trip for Faulkner U… Remembering you and Kayla making that flying noise. I couldn’t ever make it but I could powerwalk with stuff arms like the best human plane ever!! And remember…. Mermaids were meant to swim.

  3. Another beautiful blog! Always hold on to those beautiful memories. When you are all older and once again meeting at your favorite place, you will all be 22 again; laughing, giggling like college kids forgetting you are grandparents! (Did I just say that)?
    You will have all these memories to share with your children and grandchildren. They are forever embedded in your memory.

  4. I love your words and with such joy and laughter I feel the unbelievable experiences you share with such dear sisters in Christ!

  5. Those memories get sweeter and sweeter! I’m really glad that you keep in touch with these wonderful young women. At some point you will feel too busy, but don’t let them out of your life. Thank you for holding up a standard of living that is from God and for God.

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