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7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Im so proud of you Cody and Laura! Your idea was a great one, and it’s apparent that Gods certainly blessing your efforts! The hard work, time and dreams have come true and appear to be very appealing to customers! I pray God will continue to send customers as well as people interested in your story and journey will be eager to learn about the real truths behind human trafficking and just how dire and deadly it really is!
    God is truly being glorified through your hard work and desire to honor him and bring awareness to people who know nothing or very little about human trafficking!!!! Love you guys and will pray for continued success!, God is good!!

  2. You really don’t know me, even though we are cousins, but I am so touched by this story and your love for and service to our Lord. My sweet daughter has this same spirit and I cannot wait to show her your story. You have my prayers as you serve. God bless and thank you for your sweet spirit and witness!

  3. Oh I just love you two Bells!!! It’s amazing how faithful and supportive our Father’s been to this mission, this ministry, this coffee company, His children! From publicity, to new, amazing little workers who are joining the cause, to your “regular” customers- He’s supplying it all. Oh and did I mention energy and and over flowing amount of joy and love, because somehow you two are pushing through the tiredness and daily early 4a.m. mornings to continue on! Keep sharing Jean Bean! And we will all keep reading and praying!

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