New Home, New Improvements

A few months ago, my hubby and I bought ourselves a little cottage in the historic district of our city.

A little house built in 1929.

The cuteness + the excitement was unreal when the house finally became our home.

IMG_0762There is so much pretty in this little house I could bust.

The house was renovated in 2006, but over the years, wasn’t properly taken care of…

until we got in there and did the grunt work.

Yes, legitimate

Painting every room.

refinishing floors (yes, that includes stripping the floor, staining, sealing and YES it was miserable, but TOTALLY worth it.)

Trying to still love each other in the process.


There is so much charm in this little cottage that captured me when we initially considered buying it.

The main love was the windows in the master bathroom 🙂

IMG_4313But the windows were all that we loved about that particular room in our house.

So we decided to do some more grunt work, with EXTREME help from our contractor.

We picked paint colors and tiles,


went to home depot more than we’ve ever been before, and are now currently living in a construction zone.

IMG_4295 IMG_4298Im not naturally a tidy person, but construction in your house makes you crazy hungry for a clutter-free room/ANYTHING.


Even an attempt to make boxes less “everywhere” seems IMPOSSIBLE.


IMG_4249 (1)

(before of the master bath)-I can’t WAIT to show you the after pics! 

As crazy as this may seem, living in a little bit of chaos that keeps on going teaches me so much about how life is a consistent process.

Most things take more than 24 hours to accomplish or obtain.

Nothing, not even living in a dusty, construction zone of a house, lasts forever,

except Jesus.

He’s forever.

And I love that He is.

3 thoughts on “New Home, New Improvements

  1. gosh that excitement is felt all over the water, just looking at that picture of you both jumping for joy……………………… all that hard work is going to be worth it, and when its finished, it will look smashing and just to your taste..that first house will be remembered forever,. I went round just touching everthing,. the windowsills,. the doors,. the windows,. all mine I kept whispering, I can still remember how that felt.I have just found your blog and will be back,, more power to your elbow as they say** Hugs from across the pond, Janzi

    1. Thank you for the wisdom and encouragement! SO needed to hear that as I process the daily grind of life! Love your heart.

  2. I’m right there with you on the construction zone clutter. Trying to live in a house with several rooms under construction is making me crazy! But I’m starting to see things come together.

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