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17 thoughts on “Real Men

  1. Oh my sweet Laura!!!! I am in awe of your beautiful story telling. You are such a blessing to me as you write, love love love this one, you have a gift of story telling just like your daddy and granddaddy.. Love my sweet Alabama family..

  2. I wish I could have been there to listen and chime in on those stories for Aunt Irue’s birthday. She is a real treasure- a great story teller-…. She has a few about me too. I have made so many wonderful memories from family reunions, Christmas sing-a-longs and just stopping by to visit over the years. I am so happy to read your blogs. I can’t help but get a lump in my throat thinking about Uncle Doc… And I can totally hear Aunt Irue’s voice when you quoted her about their first date! Love it!

  3. This has my emotions rolling over each other. I smiled, laughed out loud and cried reading this. I also learned that Doc was 9 yrs older than Irue! I love the pictures. The one of Grover and Eugene is great!! I too could hear Doc’s voice Grover. Thanks for bringing back so many childhood memories and feelings. Such a blessing!!!

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