Run With Perseverance

I started running in college.

I spent majority of my life in a dance studio, so when I got my diploma, it uprooted me from dance to nothing in a matter of days. The freshman 15 awaited me as the first college I attended joyfully and graciously had a chic-fil-a in their student center.

Gyms completely freaked me out, elliptical’s made me feel like an uncoordinated baby horse trying to learn how to use their legs, and just the thought of lifting weights petrified me.

But my roommate, who previously ran track at a D1 college, asked if I wanted to run with her.  I was scared, and quite frankly I was horrible at it. But every day got easier, every mile got faster, and my heart latched on.  Nichole, my roommate at the time, didn’t run with ear buds.  It was just me and her.  We didn’t talk, we just ran, and it made sense to only us. 

The only time we would talk is if we got tired, and one or the other would say “Run with perseverance the race which was been set before you.” And BOOM, lightening bolts would hit our tennis shoes and we could run for days.

Nichole even got me to run my first 5k.  I ran it in 21:19, and I am pretty sure I will never be able to run that fast, ever. again.


When I switched colleges, I no longer had my running buddy.  Running got harder and harder, because lets be honest, if you ask a college student if they want to run with you, you get one of two answers:

1) They laugh in your face and usually proceed to tell you that only run if someone is chasing them.

2) Usually a girl, who is a perfect size, is fearful she’s gained weight, agrees to be your running partner, and quits before 0.2 miles.

But one day, Laine Kelly came to Faulkner, she ran with ear buds, but that was fine with me.  We could run together… and she could run miles further than me, but I was ok with that.


Y’all, this girl has run so many half marathons that I can’t even count, but I promise you she has the metals to prove it.  This year it was FINALLY in Montgomery.


Nals and I traveled all over our little city trying to catch her at her marks… yeah, we failed.  BUT we we found her as she finished the race set before her. She did so stinking good, regardless of how yucky the day was that morning. We all got to hug her neck and congratulate her and then carry on our merry way.


You know, when I think back to people telling me “I only run if someone is chasing me”, I wish I had looked back at them and said “someone is, He created you, and He’s chasing your heart.” 



The chaser of our hearts is running through life with us, distributing perseverance along the way.  The older I get the more I realize the desperation in my soul to have Him running the race of life with me, pushing me, encouraging me, and molding my heart the way that He does so willingly.

You may not be a runner, but I still want to challenge you to

run with perseverance the race which has been set before you.

7 thoughts on “Run With Perseverance

  1. I love Hebrews 12…the great cloud of witnesses that have run the race BEFORE us. The race marked out BEFORE us. Good stuff LULU!!

  2. LAURA!!! Thank you SO much for this post! I needed the encouragement, especially on this Monday morning at work. You & Nals racing around Montgomery trying to catch me was awesome. It kept me hopeful that soon I would see a familiar face in the crowd cheering me on…and then I heard you guys as I passed the Baseball Stadium! You are wonderful and I love you Jean Bean.

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