Sara in The Ivory Palaces

I never met her.

I prayed for her, I heard stories, I watched her YouTube videos, I even ran 3.2 miles inher honor, but I never met her.

She was from the same city, we knew the same people, even my college roommate passed programs and bubbles at her wedding, but I never met her.

I will though.

This morning in church we sang  “Ivory Palaces.”

Have you ever heard this old hymn? Yeah, me either.

“Out of the ivory palaces,
Into a world of woe,
Only His great eternal love
Made my Savior go.”

I imagined her, this woman that I never met, meeting Him in His Ivory palace, too early some might say, but she is there, Sara Pigg Walker is there, sitting next to Him who created her in that Ivory Palace on high. She’s cancer free, she’s safe, she’s finished, she’s resting in Him who created her.

Yep, I never knew her, neither did a lot of those who prayed for her to get better, but there is a family that formed because of this woman who knew Jesus in the depth of her soul, and although she fought the evil grip of cancer with every ounce of her being, she never stopped knowing Jesus and loving Him.

Today, there rests a village in Malawi Africa in honor of this incredible woman I never met. A village that is changing people daily.

A legacy is what she left. A legacy of grace, humility, and the greatest of faith. Faith to move mountains and faith to run the race set before her.

I knew about Sara and her story because of my college roommate.  Nichole Prescott, was my college roommate at Lipscomb University, and a forever friend.

She walked with Sara and her family through the trials of her sickness, she took care of children, she blessed them even after Sara went to Ivory Palaces.

Guess where Nichole is going? 

She’s going to the Village in Malawi in honor of Sara Pigg Walker. 

She’s going to place where the woman ,who was like a sister to her, left a legacy of grace.

But she needs help, and you can be a part of that. You can help her catch another glimpse of Sara’s presence in the physical realm of earth again.  You can help her feel the power of the Jesus that left His Ivory Palaces for her.

Every penny counts. Every prayer matters. You may not know Nichole, but if you knew Sara Pigg Walker, do it for Sara.

Nichole is. She’s going to the Village for her sweet Sara.

Sara full of grace, Sara full of faith…

Sara in the Ivory Palaces. 


Help Nichole at

*a little note from Nichole*

My heart in going to Malawi is due to a woman named Sara Pigg Walker. Ever since August 28, 2012 Malawi has been on my heart. This was the day that Sara went to be with Jesus, I will never forget that day. There is something significant about that particular date and it is found in Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God has called me to Malawi this summer. I was very hesitant and thought it was a silly idea but everything has fallen into place perfectly. It has been graced by God and has His complete involvement. I’ve known Sara since I was a little girl I always looked up to her and her siblings. It’s funny how God put me back in Sara’s life when I was much older. The role that she played in my life I was able to play in her boys’ lives. I love that God brought me to Nashville. I was immediately welcomed by Sara and her family. I was trusted to spend time with her precious treasures, Scott and Camden. The Pigg and Walker family brought me great joy and showed me unending love during my time in Nashville. They are family to me. I love them more than I could express in words and look up to them so much.I want to be like Sara. I never thought that my role would change with her from respected adult that I said, “yes mam” to, to friend. Sara always was so encouraging of my dreams. I often looked forward to watching her boys not only because I got to play with them but because I got to sit with Sara and just talk. She was always so kind and encouraging and we often laughed at silly things. I treasured the times that we could talk about God and boys. I treasured her advice and the times that we were able to pray together. When Sara got sick it broke my heart and I often could not understand why God would allow this to happen. Sara’s faith never wavered, it never broke. She was always so open with me about her treatments and the way she was feeling. Her openness showed me that yes, she was hurting but she never blamed God. Sara had one of the strongest faiths I have ever experienced in a friend. I am so thankful that God gave me the chance to know her. Sara altered my walk with God she helped me to see how loving He was and what grace was like. I love Sara so much and miss her often. Sara’s life was used to glorify God 100%. She has affected thousands of people with her life. God has brought so many to Him through her. He used her suffering to heal others. Sara’s memory lives on in Malawi and through her family. She is lived on through her husband Brian and her sons Scott and Camden. She lives on through her family and friends. She lives on in the lives of the people that she helped by God using her as his vessel. Sara will forever be in my heart and a great influence in my life. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me in Malawi.


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