Scenes of Savannah

There’s just something about the South.

IMG_3560Maybe it’s the twang in the accents, the smiling at strangers,

Or maybe it’s the details.

IMG_3553I mean, where else are you going to find fish gutters?

Southerners are all about presentation.

IMG_3613I made a quick trip to Savannah to celebrate my Bride-to-be friend (gal pal on my left in this pic).

This November bride could not have picked a better place to explore.

IMG_3617We stopped every 3 steps to take a picture of every beautiful thing we saw… but this may have been mine and Laine’s favorite find. #MontgomeryGals

IMG_3592But Abbey’s favorite was the candy store.

I’ve never in my life seen a place like this.

In that pic ^, Abbey has just spotted a Tootsie Pop bigger than her head… she really was like a kid in a candy store.

Next stop was the Savannah Bee Company.

 Never have I tasted  SO. MUCH. HONEY.

IMG_3625But it was amazing to say the least.

IMG_3559The places we explored and the scenes of Savannah we saw were nothing in comparison to the company I had to explore it with.

IMG_3660 (1)When adult life comes in faster than you can say “don’t”, you really take captive the time you have to visit with one another.

IMG_3656At one point in our exploration, the Bride-to-be, who was my first ever friend in college, came up next to me and put her arm around me.

IMG_3563I quickly returned the favor and the two of us walked, without words, as we explored.

We knew we looked weird.

It’s fine.

We haven’t lived in the same city in over a year.

And we had to soak in friendship time together while we could.


Sometimes you have to soak in the moments with the scenery.

Because before you know it, you’re back to reality and your friendships are made up of sporadic phone calls and texting.

But the part that excites me most, is that no matter how little we see of one another,

we still get to celebrate in the events of each other’s lives.

IMG_3652We get to create new memories, in new seasons, with new experiences,

all because our past made us friends in the first place.


Until next time Savannah,

you treated us with the greatest Southern Hospitality,

and some awesome corn bread (Thanks Paula Dean).

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