Sunny Southern Sunday

Sundays in the South seem to snatch me up in the most perfect way possible.

Walking hand in hand with my favorite Cody Bell, we marched through the doors of one my favorite Montgomery historic homes only to capture the scent brunch food preparation and the sound of spotify and laughter. 

Waffle maker was on hot, bacon was sizzlin’, and biscuits… those. biscuits.

Goat Hill Coffee was brewing too 🙂

We walked through the doors and the chattering voices all began yelling out

“Ah, HEY the Bells!”

“Hey Y’all, glad you’re here!” 


We walked through a food line of no rhyme or reason and us girls made our way out on the porch to chow down on our full plates.

We sat together, told stories, and watched as kids in smocked outfits filed out of their Sunday morning service at the church across the street.

We even giggled about “how southern we were being” while we chatted about life and sipped OJ from mason jars.

I think what made this community brunch so joyful was being able to look around the front porch we were sitting on and realize that barely a year ago these guys and gals were strangers to me.

I hardly knew their genuine nature and valuable friendships.

Honestly, I hardly understood what it meant to have friendships like that to begin with.

These friends have taught me to ask myself hard questions and to answer them, no matter how scary that may seem.

These friends have treasured the nature of Jesus and buried it so deep within their hearts that conversation is never lacking and kindness is unending.

I have learned that these places and these moments are meant to be noticed and remembered.

The days that you look back on and remember that swinging on the front porch in south Alabama with a bunch of fabulous people was a really great day.

My community has shown me the importance of doing life together. 

Finding reason to have joy, supporting each other as we venture into unknown places and experiences, and simply choosing to be intentional with our time and friendships.

See that little fella up there? Yep, this group of gals has matching tank tops with his name on it for his birthday.

And it’s awesome. so. awesome.

There’s assurance in that.

Assurance in friends that you see and do life with, knowing that we will all be together for all the changes.

I’ve never, ever known such intentional people in my life.

It really is a gift.

Can you tell it was a good Sunday? 


I’m not much of a souvenir collector,

but I’ll store up memories in my heart of sunny days in the South with swings and sweet friends.

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