Sweet Home Montgomery

The other day I drove downtown to meet a friend for lunch at a cute little food truck called “On a Roll”.

I found a parking spot, scrounged around for quarters to put into the meter, and made my way towards the food truck that awaited me with the worlds BEST Pimento cheese sandwich.


Upon my arrival to eat, I purchased cookies from a local baker, Simply Sugared.  I waved at her kiddos and remembered, once again, how adorable they are.

Also, I was reminded how beautiful (and yummy) her cookies are and how sweet her spirit is!


I walked up to make my order at “on a roll” and Nick, one of the owners, greeted me with a “Oh hey Mrs. Laura, you back for more Pimento Cheese today?”

He knows me so well.


I enjoyed lunch with my friends and most handsome husband, and headed to the post office.


Before I walked through the doors of the post office, sweet Mrs. Eleanor was waving at me with a big smile on her face.

She works at the front desk of the post office, and always rocks her post office blue cardigan.

I walked in with a bag of cookies to ship off, and she looked at me confused…

“No coffee today Mrs. Bell?” she asked

“not today!” I said.

“Until next time!” she replied while she helped me pick out the cheapest form of shipping 🙂



The next day I was on my morning run through the neighborhood, cutting through to my favorite park a few blocks over.

My friend/neighbor, Kelly, was sitting on her porch and waved as I ran by. I stopped to chat for a minute, which turned into thirty minutes and a tour of her porch side garden.

Be still my heart.

I love her.

I am obsessed with her garden.

She reminded me why I love the South.


I finished up my run by cutting through the parking lot of Richardson’s Pharmacy.

I waved to the “security guard” as he hollered “How was today’s run?”

He’s not the security guard, in fact I am not quite sure who he is, but he sits and keeps watch over the place ALL DAY and EVERYONE loves him.

I don’t know his name, but I know his spirit, 

and to me, that’s all that matters.



I hopped in my car and drove over Anehlich’s Automotives.

Yes, it is a service station.

A real one.

You drive up, a little bell dings, and they fill up your tank.

The same fella’ helps me every time.

He knows my name, checks my hood, my tire pressure, washes my windshield and gives me the same advice on marriage.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Our city, the one we love, wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the people that made it so spectacular.

The places are great, every city has cool stuff,

but the people, oh the people, are what make this Capital City so fantastic.


(how gorgeous is my beautiful Becca? Shy, reserved, but always up for anything I ask her to do.  The camera loves her. What a babe!)


Cody and I are traveling away from home in just a few short months.

Traveling to a city, a country, that needs love like what Montgomery holds.

The orphans need attention and affirmation and our hearts are so excited to distribute all that we have within us.

We have a little more fundraising left to do.

So, to any and all who know this city, love this city, and want to help people from your city, your opportunity lies within these adorable t shirts.


If you purchase one of these shirts, all the proceeds go towards mine and Cody’s Mission trip to Moldova.

It’s simple.

And Y’all, these t shirts are SO comfy.


Our friend, Nalin Khantisouriya, designed these adorable tee’s and a local non-profit, Urban Seed Xchange printed them for us.

The awesome pictures were taken by Brooke Glassford with Colorbox Photographers, also known as the “prettiest blonde in Montgomery County”.

Not kidding, her golden locks are a dream.


Our city has a vision and is changing daily.

I love all that God is doing and moving daily for our community as it is re-vamping itself into what is was created to be.

Sweet Home Montgomery,

you still got it.

Be sure to buy a t shirt and know that your purchase goes towards an amazing mission trip!

Buy T shirts Here!

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