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    1. Keep reading! You can subscribe to keep getting updates! If you want GP for Gov, you have to convince Wendy of first lady-ship.. that will be a mountain to move! ha!

  1. Laura, “The Table” tribute to your mom and dad is so very sweet and I couldn’t help but remember a lot of wonderful memories of years ago. (THAT made me sound old, but I’m not!) We had such a dynamic young married’s class at church in the late 1980’s of which your mom/dad were a part of. I’m sure many in the class can remember time shared around the table at your parent’s farmhouse in the country getting to “know souls”. The stories your dad told still remain so vivid in my mind. My favorite story that your dad told was about the time your mom hollered “SHUT UP” to the rooster in the early morning dawn at his parent’s farm. (I’m laughing as I write, picturing your mom.) Poor rooster, he met his waterloo that morning! So thankful for people like your mom and dad. They are special.

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