The Best Kind of Valentine

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day came around and you “made your own mailbox”?

You know, a little shoebox, decorated to your liking, for all your friends to drop Valentine’s cards into during your class Valentine’s Day Party?

 My mom would take me to Dollar Tree to buy the box of little cards (with the theme of my choice) and together the two of us would sit at the kitchen table, break apart the cards, and write all my classmates names on them.

DSC_1028 (1) 2
Man, those were the days…

I remember my second grade class did this particular activity. We made the shoe boxes and took them home to decorate them.

I was beside myself excited to drop cards in all my classmates boxes.

Besides, who did I really love in 2nd grade?

I mean, if I did have a crush, I think the only length I would have taken would be to write his name in bold sharpie, you know, to “show all my love”.

DSC_1030 (1)
It didn’t matter if I picked out a girl-ish card and got a box full of pokemon and star wars V-day cards, all that mattered was that someone thought of me enough to write my name on a card and slip it into my “mailbox”.



This particular 2nd grade class party for Mrs. Castleberry’s shining students at Forest Avenue Elementary sticks out so strong in my memory.

I was sitting at my desk reading all my letters from my mailbox when a boy in my class approached me.

The whole class fell silent and all eyes were on me… and him.

He was standing nervous by my desk as he mustered out a few shaky words,

“umm, Laura? Laura Plunkett, I mean. You’re really nice and I thought… well, I thought I might get you an extra present.”

DSC_1040 (1)He pulls a big heart shaped box of chocolates and hands them to me saying,

“They wouldn’t fit in your mailbox.. so I needed to hand them to you personally.”

DSC_1032 (1)
I was awkward with bucked teeth and uneven bangs, and regardless of my unfortunate looks, my friend went out of his way to get something a little more than a tear apart card.

It wasn’t that the box cards weren’t nice, it was that it took more effort, thought, and energy to buy me that box of chocolates.

Now of course, the whole class ridiculed that poor boy for “crushing” on me.

I may have turned beet red and accepted it as awkwardly as it was given…

But man, I chowed down on some chocolates on the way home from school that day.

DSC_1045 (1)
Valentines Day can be over done with the same Teddy Bears and boxes of chocolates.

So, Market Town Coffee Company created some custom Valentines Day gifts that make your gift one that stands out against the rest.

Nothing says love like an adorable card and a cookie right? Or a coffee mug that is ridiculously cute?

I mean, I’m seriously obsessed with the mugs. 

Give the best kind of Valentine and get your person one of these adorable gifts!

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