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4 thoughts on “The Girl in the Farm Bucket

  1. My wonderful, actress, entrepreneur, risk-taking, beautiful daughter! I got the call from Sony one afternoon. “Mr. Plunkett, we would like your daughter to be an extra in our film.” That’s not a call you get everyday. Laura had BEGGED me to take her to sign up for the film, and I did. After that long wait in line and all those people I thought there is no way my little aspiring actress has a chance. Lesson learned: Never underestimate Laura Jean!!

    When asked by the casting director what she could do in the film (we had just arrived for her to be fitted for the clothes she would wear), Laura replied, “I’ll do anything but get naked!!” The director looked at me and said, “Well we are certainly in the South now aren’t we LAURA JEAN!” “Yes ma’m”, she said with a smile, “we are!”
    Love you baby!!

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