The Greatest Country in the World

Yesterday was an eye opener for me.

My boss and I were driving downtown to a usual appointment with a bride.

We were catching up on life, seeing as he has been on a mission trip in Chile for 2 weeks.

He was sharing what all he took away from that trip, and something he said stuck out to me.

11039283_10154002825653032_3231342701841749755_n “The Chilean people love their country, they are full of pride for where they come from, their culture, so much that they have festivals waving their flags, shouting and dancing; ALL over a soccer game.  What about America? What’s happened to us?”

What HAS happened to America? Seriously. 

Before everyone thinks that this blog post is going to be some big political argument, stick with me. 

Where is our pride? Where has it gone?

Why is it that the only time we decide to show our American Pride is to take a “4th of july” insta pic?  Why can’t our pride extend further than a t shirt with a flag on it and a pair of cut off jeans?

Do you realize that America is full of SO many different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities..etc? WE. ARE. THE. MELTING. POT.

And that is a BIG deal.

We are the country that fought for FREEDOM, and WON.

We are the country that fought ITSELF and STILL CAME OUT ON TOP & UNITED!  

(You do realize we are the UNITED states?)

We are the country that liberated tortured Jews from concentration camps.74456-700x335We are the country that changed the world with the civil rights movement.


 We are the country that has vastly different landscapes and climates to explore and travel freely.

We are the country that tells you to PURSUE your dreams, and gives you access to SUCCESS. 

Instead of living in constant offense to every little thing that is happening or not happening, remember this:

America didn’t become America by being offended, America became America by being brave.

America didn’t become America by making excuses, America became America by fighting through the hardships.

Fellow Americans,

stop resenting each other for the opinions that make us different and have a little pride in what makes us who we are. 

Because having different views, different opinions, different lifestyles, and living in the same country is something to take pride in. 


The United States of America.

Strong people, incredible minds, intricate details,

all living under the same umbrella:

The Greatest Country in the WORLD.


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