The Impossible Possible

How satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God who has none.” – A.W. Tozer

At the beginning of 2016 Cody and I decided to make a list of 9 things that were impossible in our current lives/situation.

3 were Cody’s dreams and desires.

3 were my dreams and desires.

3 were dreams and desires we shared.

We took a piece of chalk to a wall in our house and wrote out “How satisfying to turn from our limitations to a God who has none” and pinned our impossible items below it.

We know it seemed a little hopeful, maybe a little stupid, and I dare to say, a little risky.

Why would I pin up these dreams and desires only to possibly be let down?

If I am being honest, it scared me.

It scared me to ask God for big things, impossible things, because I know what it feels like to pray and not see movement.

But as we hung up that list I felt a nudge in my spirit and a thought run across my mind “He is always good. Ask again, pray again, move those mountains.”

So we did it.

We asked God.

We prayed.

We believed for impossible things to become possible.

For those of you who know me and Cody personally, you know that we got married a week after we graduated from college.

We had next to nothing except one another when we started out.

Cody got a job right out of college and I struggled.

When I did find work it was part time and ends just didn’t meet.

It wasn’t really because the jobs weren’t “high paying”, but the debt that engulfed us.

Student loans.

You all know about these.

The thing that burdens many millennials and the thing that sucked our bank account dry every month… and that was with “the lowest possible payment” that wasn’t low at all.

We were on a payment plan that started November 2014 and would finish in December 2022.


We lived frugally and honestly still experienced the weight of finance on our lives, can I get an amen??

But when we made this wall at the beginning of 2016, we wrote down “debt free in 2017”.

Bold, I know.. but worth a shot, right?

At the point of writing down our impossible prayers we had just moved into a little cottage in a historic district in Montgomery.

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

In fact, we got it so we could have a lower cost of living.

The house was not nice.

I’m talking down right FILTHY when we bought it.

We took what little we had and fixed it up with some fresh paint and refinished the hard wood floors.

We fixed up the master bathroom and made it livable… don’t even get me started on that bathroom…

In the midst of renovating this little house, we were running a business and working other jobs.

Times were busy.

Times were exhausting.

Times were just freaking tough.

But after finishing our fixes, we decided to refinance the house to *hope* to make money back for the renovations and throw that towards lowering debt.

With no intention of ever leaving this house (in fact big dreams were in store for that little cottage) we were amazed at the value we actually added to it by fixing it.

Until this point, I had no understanding of real estate world and honestly never cared to understand it.

Cody wanted to sell it.

He saw the new price.

He saw the value.

We moved into that house November 1, 2015 and he started asking me if we could sell it February 2016.

After ALL those renovations and nights of no sleep, I was finally feeling settled and my husband wanted to move… again.

Let me help you understand a little more, this house was our THIRD move in less than 2 years of marriage.

I was over it.

Bad over it, like looked him in the eyes and said, “Don’t ask me to sell this house again”, over it.

I know, I’m a jerk.

But I was tired.

I was beyond tired and couldn’t see the value in being tired again.

So we waited. We waited because I was prideful. We waited because I couldn’t stand the thought of moving out and moving in with my parents.

There’s the fuel in that flame.

Yep, my pride said, “sell your house and live with your parents, huh? So you’ll no longer be an adult and you’ll crawl back home with your tail between your legs.”

Ask for help? Me? no.So… 5 months later, after rejecting the idea and telling my husband to stop asking me to sell the house, I was driving a normal Monday morning route when I heard a voice in my spirit say, “How bad would it really be if you sold the house?”

Nah, I thought.

I turned up the radio to silence the thought and the voice on the radio said, “Next up, the story of a woman who sold her house, not because she wanted to, but to experience the blessings God had for her.”

I’m not kidding.

Real life.

When the Lord wants you to do something, He won’t stop pursuing.

I came home, looked at my husband and said, “Okay, I’m in.”

That was the real tail between the legs moment.

Not living with my parents (Which has been amazingggggg BTW.)

It was ignoring what was before me.

So we fixed the house a little more, painted the outside, fixed the landscaping, and put it on the market at the end of October.

10 days later… we were under contract.

All these pictures you see were taken of us by a sweet friend who offered the idea to remind us of the power in what we were doing, even though it was tiring.

The next day, the house got the offer we prayed for.

And last night, after closing and moving and waiting for the check to clear…

we were debt free January 12, 2017.

Not 2022.

We still have 8 other prayers and hopes and desires we are excited to watch the Lord fulfill, but I am here to tell you this morning He makes the impossible POSSIBLE. 

Make no mistake, He is the God of miracles.

Sometimes miracles take months, sometimes decades, but don’t stop.

Don’t stop believing that He will move mountains on your behalf.

We still have a ways to go.

Our current roommates are the man and woman who raised me and I am now sharing my childhood bedroom with my high school sweet heart.

It’s a new paradigm, but the sweetest.

Plus, my parents have cable, can I get a HALLELUJAH??

Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are POSSIBLE.”

5 thoughts on “The Impossible Possible

  1. Cody and Laura,
    So excited for you two! Not that you are debt free or that you, Laura, listened to your husband. I am excited that you prayed to and listened to the Lord! Debt free is wonderful but putting your trust in God is priceless!

  2. Laura, I wish all young adults were as mature in their Christian walk as you and Cody. I am blessed to know you both and I’m so proud of how much you both listen to that “still small voice”.

  3. I can’t tell you how much your journey speaks to and inspires me. We need the impossible made possible. I reluctant to trust, I’m tired and just want to be where I want to be, doing what I want to be doing. Bill, being the engineer that he is, continues to try and figure it all out. I’m so embarrassed to say but we are not coming together in Christ (yes, we totally know better). Thank you for your boldness and your stubbornness, thank you for your transparency. You are moving my faith forward <3 Thank you for the sweet reminder <3

  4. What an amazing ‘God story’. I hope and pray that other young couples really ‘hear’ what you are saying Laura. Older couples can definitely benefit also. Thanks for sharing.

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