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17 thoughts on “The Ivory Moment

  1. Laura,

    I hope you remember me from our vacation at Drowsy Water and your visit to NYC. You always held a special place in my heart. What an amazing young woman you are! Is that beautiful little boy your son?
    Rachel is so beautiful.

    Your writings reduced me to tears. So so beautiful with beautiful photos to go it. I know God has great plans for you. I hope that I can continue to see what you write and photograph.

    We all are truly blessed with such wonderful families. We now have 9 grandchildren.

    God Bless You and your family.

    Patty McKenney

  2. Man!! I was caught again in my office with tears streaming down my face and the person at the door asking, “What’s wrong? What’s happened?…” “It’s Laura,” I said. “She’s killing me!!” “Oh no!!” , my unwanted guest declared. “What has she done now?” “She was just being Laura!”, I replied.

    Baby, keep being Laura. We ALL need you more than you know. Your stories are a blessing to all that read them. I love the pictures!! They almost tell the stories themselves.

    Keep on telling the stories. I feel like I knew my great-great grandfather because my grandfather told me about him, and yet he had never met him either. I have a vivid picture in my mind of the straight backed man that left his family to defend Atlanta and never returned. Because the man, that called him father, told his son about that day and his son told me. When we are gone, if those we knew forget to tell the stories, we will be forever forgotten. Thanks for carrying on the tradition.

  3. I love this so much Jean Bean!! And currently crying after reading Grover’s comment. You truly have been given a gift of story telling, of writing, of capturing people’s attention and passionately using your words to express in such detail beautiful moments that keep us on the edge of our seats wanting to hear just a little more of your ivory moments. Please keep sharing these. You know yours and Cody’s coffee adventures are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you dear friend.

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