The Market at Chapel Hill

October 3, 2015

A day that will be written in the book of BEST.

Before Cody and I started our coffee cart business, we released a video, sharing our business model and what we were planning to do.

Within 24 hours, we received a phone call asking us to be the coffee providers for The Market at Chapel Hill at The Waters.

We were blown away by the invite but SO thrilled to get to be a part of it all!

That exhausting, freezing, cold, wet, and rainy day was one for the books.

The night before it opened, we had dinner with all the vendors.


I happened upon this sweet lady.

MissMustardSeed , as everyone calls her, was so gracious to my lack of knowledge on anything DIY.  We snagged this shot for my friend charlotte, who is a real-life #fangirl.

Miss Mustard Seed, her hubby, and two helpers were our BIGGEST customers on Saturday and we were so thankful we could have BURST.

imageWe woke at 5 am the next morning, a whole EXTRA hour of sleep for the Bells. 🙂

We were really joyful about that.

My sweet Aunt and Uncle hosted us in their home, let us fill it with coffee aroma …and grounds.

They were so gracious in helping us prepare for the most hectic day of our business career… the whole whopping 2 months of it.

Did I mention that October 3 was exactly 2 months for us with Market Town… we were a little excited about it!

image People loved the Market Town Mugs, AND our hot coffee.

We sold almost all of our mugs and so much coffee that our hands were stained by it.

imageSO many people have asked us who our coffee providers are!

Goat Hill Coffee Roasters 🙂

Cody and decided to brand our roasting business. We had to say goodbye to Bell Blend due to excess sales and new blends of coffee we roasted!  We were excited to share with others our roasting business there too!

it was a HIT! 

We brought bags of the coffee, our Montgomery T shirts, and Greeting Cards done by Nalin Khantisouryia.

If you loved Bell Blend, don’t worry, Goat Hill still carries the original.  Click the link to Goat Hill and subscribe to monthly coffee bags to your door!

imageMy sweet Mama and Aunt, Kathy, joined our business team!

Let. Me. Tell. You.

Those two can SELL.

We sold so much stuff because they are


2)Beautiful women

3) They REALLY love our coffee, shirts, and Nalin’s cards.

It was just a win-win situation.

imageWe were set up next to a yummy bakery from Union Springs, so people just HAD to have Coffee with their treats!

We sold hundreds and hundreds of cups of coffee.  

We shared our story with hundreds and hundreds of people.

We met hundreds and hundreds that already knew our story and supported us.


Surely there were angels surrounding us, helping us move quickly and still sometimes look at each other and smile.

Cody Bell swooped me up at one point in a big excited hug and kissed my forehead.

I couldn’t tell if I was happier to be hugged for warmth from the bitter wind or if I was just swooning over that fine man. 

It was probably a little bit of both.

There were so many times where I looked at that sweet man of mine and thought… ‘wow, what did I do to deserve a man who wants to bless people so much?’image

To say that that day was blessed beyond measure, is a complete understatement.

It is treasured in hearts.

We sure do hope we can see all you fine folks of Pike Road, Alabama again next year! 

2 thoughts on “The Market at Chapel Hill

  1. So glad it went so well for you all. The coffee was great and I appreciated you letting me be your first customer that morning! I did see Miss Mustard Seed’s helpers make several runs too. Best wishes in all you do.

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