The Truth Is:___________

Yesterday I received an email from my favorite Cody Bell.

Yes, my husband sent me an email, it’s 2015, that’s what couples do right?

The email was titled “What do you want?” and reading it I felt a big lump swell up in my throat.

IMG_2406 (3)

Cody began telling me how much God loved me and wanted to pursue me more… but one particular line struck me more than all the others…

The line wrote:

“He wants to know what we want to do, and He joins alongside us in the journey, so happy and so in love with us.”

This insane swelling turned to alligator tears and I kept stopping to read that line over and over and over again.

God genuinely wants to know the desires of my heart, in fact, He knows them before I know them.

IMG_2394Cody began listing all the desires he has laid out for God to come along side him in and together we have journeyed in partnering with God to fulfill those places.

But he was curious what God has laid upon MY heart, and what he could partner with God and me in.

But it got me thinking, how often are we seeing beautiful things, dreaming big dreams, and telling the Godly desires of our hearts to go away?

How many times are we telling God no in the ideas that He has laid out in front of us?

IMG_2373 (1)We matter to God.

We. Matter. To. God.


End of story.

IMG_2397 (1)

The truth is: God knows what we want in this life.

The truth is: God is not intimidated by your dreams.

The truth is: God is un-offended by our process to get where He is taking us.

The truth is: You are known and pursued.

The truth is:  He will provide for you in the season of trying.

The truth is: God never asked you to be perfect, He asked you to be YOU.


Cody and I are in the journey process.  We are processing and adventuring, slowly and beautifully.

God is directing our footsteps, telling us where to go, and giving us the most delightful people to meet.

We met the owners of the best coffee shop in Opelika, Alabama… I dare say, the STATE of Alabama.

You should venture to this blessed place, have a latte AND a popsicle.

Even if you don’t visit a local coffee shop…

dare yourself to live courageously enough to visit the places that you dream of…

even if it scares you.

The email ended on this note:

“I think we have to tell Papa what we want. I bet He has asked us and we just don’t realize it at times. So, what do you want? What are the desires of your heart? Tell Him! He will journey with you and love you through it!”

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