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18 thoughts on “Valiant Cross Academy: Rise Above

  1. The boys and I just read this together for bellwork. We all agreed that this is a very impressive blog. We are so humbled to have been chosen by God to be a part of something amazing he wanted to do. We are also humbled by this article. Our hearts are full, our days are busy but the thankfulness in our hearts continue to grow. Thank you for coming to visit us.

  2. Lovely article about this fabulous school! Many of us feel this school will be the catalyst for a revival in Montgomery. Great things are happening at Valiant Cross Academy! Thanks for sharing your article, which is so full of heart!

  3. thank you for coming by and taking these pictures and sharing this wonderful story of how God is not only blessing these young scholars, but also how they are blessing the city of Montgomery. Great blog……

  4. Bravo. This piece confirmed why I read your blogs. I have walked many miles, seen all perspectives, cried for innocent children and felt for the hurt, lost, and angry. And you wrote what I have wanted to speak. Don’t ever lose your voice; it’s like an angel. May God give these young boys, leaders, you, others, and this town heart, courage, wisdom, forgiveness and above all else – love.

  5. I am so excited about the vision that God has given these men. Continue to be lead by God, because He say what you do for others He will do for you. Raising up men we need, and raising up examples we want to see. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Kingdom mindset! I love it! What the leaders and teachers of Valiant Cross Academy deposit into the young men they will withdraw and become warriors for future fruits! I can’t wait until my nephew is of age to attend!

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